Among Us Full Pc Game Reviews

Among Us Full Pc Game is generally a role playing space themed survival and tactical game. It supports upto four players to play in a single campaign to complete a series of quests and missions as well as solving puzzles in the space. Inner Sloth Games Entertainments developed and published the game world wide for all gaming consoles. The game offers the player both single player and the multiplayer gameplay modes to play the game online or offline on computers.

Among Us Pc Game Development & Release Date

The initial development of the game begun in the early 2017. Meanwhile, it first revealed at E3 Press Conference on 26 October 2017. Finally, the game released on 16 November 2018. It release as Among Us Torrent For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Android Apk, For iPhone, For Xbox One and PS4 versions. Later the developers publish the additional content of the game in different updates. The updated DLCs contains 7 different updates containing additional content of the game. These includes Hamster Pet Bundle, Bedcrab Pet Bundle, Brainslug Pet Bundle, Mini Crew Mate Bundle, Stick Men Pet Bundle released on 08 June 2019. Later on 08 August 2019 Mira HQ Skins bundle also released world wide. Lastly, Polus Skins bundle published world wide on 12 November 2019.

Among Us Full Game For Pc Gameplay

Among Us Highly Compressed Pc Game is a 2D action, simulation, casual, multiplayer, survival, strategy, and online co-op game. The plot of the game is about a crew of a spaceship. Who is trying to bypass aliens’ attack and save their civilization. Main players introduced as Speed Boy, Digit, Mario, Mondays, Lenk, 3 Strong, 10WS and more. From start to the end, the players can enter in multiplayer mode where ten fighters can team up. Meanwhile, betrayal happens among the space riders as one of the player is performing like a traitor. He wants to spread terror among the crew members and break their power by killing them. As well as, he came in the ship by using imposter appearance of alien races and break the peace inside it. Deceiving tactics, he tries to spread illusion, leave great destruction in the flying ship and kill its whole staff.

There, a voting system kept to trace anonymous imposter and expose his personality in front of crew. Once, he elected by voting, crew member became safe and put their survival tactics to return back home safely. Moreover, each player gains the ability to boost his performance speed for showing unique defending work. Next, they pick long or short term missions where players tasked to compete various types of difficulty. Thus, they will be able to clear imposters’ presence. To avail winning, players reach admin panel and explore live camera recording to trace unusual activity made by imposter. Simple customization available for changing characters’ outer view in which body color or picking favorite head wearings include. Finally, when game starts, single imposter performs. But later in online co-op, many of them also sent in the ship crew to serve competitive theme of game.

Added Key Features In Among Us Free Full Pc Game

  • Versatile party game which offers online multiplayer co-op consisting up to ten players
  • Special classes of characters added as Crew Members or Imposter to perform unique role
  • Imposter takes the role of a traitor which hunts the crew members and spreads destruction in ship
  • More imposter’s skills are keeping his secret hidden, killing crew and destroying ship
  • Crew protect the ship by exposing the secrets of imposter and maintain safety in the ship
  • Long or short matches arranged and it depends upon the real players’ mood to select any of them
  • Each character can take the seat of admin and check camera recording to get approach to imposter
  • Chat system enabled for the crew to exchange words about the suspicious character
  • Voting made to call the member for giving their names and setting trap for imposter
  • Custom changes made to totally change the personal view of players like skin tone and hat
  • Like the crew members increased in online co-op, more then one imposters included. This thing makes matches equal competitive for both teams
Among Us Game Reception

The game received very positive reviews at the initial release on Steam. Firstly, on Steam the game got 9/10 rating points from the critics. On the other hand, On Google Play Store the game achieved 4.5/5 star rating points. Consequently, App Grooves awarded the game with 4.4/5 star ratings.

Among Us For Pc System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • CPU             Intel Core i3 or above
  • RAM            4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk   4 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     DirectX version 10 supports video card @ 1 gb vram

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