Ancient Dungeon VR Full Pc Game Reviews

Ancient Dungeon VR Full Pc Game Reviews

A new trending dungeon crawling game with cubic style settings for those who want to play virtual reality games. Ancient Dungeon VR Full Pc Game is an action packed, dungeon crawling, indie, gore VR game. Eric Thullen Games developed and published the game world wide for all gaming consoles.

Ancient Dungeon VR Full Pc Game Reviews

So, jump into a dark dungeon or go down in the depths with the help of ropes or ladders. Explore new hidden rooms which are still filled with a lot of gold, money, abilities, weapons and zombies as well as dangerous creatures who attack you. Beware of threads present all the time when you are travelling through one room to another. Most importantly, you can play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode online or offline. On the other hand, you can also play the game in the cooperative gameplay mode for couples to play the game in the multiplayer game mode.

Ancient Dungeons VR Pc Game Development & Release Date

Initially Eric Thullen start the development of the game in year 2020. Meanwhile, it first officially announced on 03 October 2021 with the first look teaser trailer. Later on, 03 November 2021 they announced that its available through Steam for pre order who want to buy this game. And the full pc game released world wide on 06 October 2021. It released for Microsoft Windows pc version, for xbox one, for xbox 360, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox X/S series.

Anceint Dungeon VR Pc Game Full Gameplay

Ancient Dungeon VR is a virtual reality dungeon crawling fighting action game. Its setting are made of cubic type world elements with shapes of blocks. To start the game you have to enter itno a dark dungon which take you to under ground world. You have the freedom to select the difficulty form normal, medium and high according to your taste of playing the games. The playing character is equipped with a sword and also the magical throwing knives. When you throw the knife at any of the enemy creature it after killing him return back to you automatically by flying in the air.

All the dungeons filled with different kind of enemies, creatures as well as NCPs. These NCPs provide the player additional quests which allow them to get more in game points and perks. These later use to upgrade the costumes, unlock new dungeons, maps and new enemies. When you explore a room and exit from it, it opens a new rooms with different settings, rewards and challenges. Each and every dungeon room features a different type of settings. Like Overgrown Dungeon which has a more natural plants and forest type of green settings. And Infernal Dungeon which features a different type of firy settings which the enemies also throw fires at you.

All in all if you successfully exit the dungeon by killing the boss character which appear right  at the end of each level. You earn the winning points and character upgrades and experience points. It also promote the playing character to the next game level with a unique dungeon with randomly generated setting, enemies and environments.

Ancient Dungeon VR Full Pc Game Reviews

Despite of lack in the fights and a low quality dungeons to explore in the Ancient Dungeon VR For Pc generally received positive reviews from the gaming critics sites. Mostly dependable source of reviews is Metacritics website which awarded this game with a score of 78/100 critics reviews points. On the other hand, IGN award the game with a critics review rating score of only 6/10 points.

Ancient Dungeon  VR Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS           Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Or Windows 10 (Only 64 Bit Version)
  • CPU         Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.0 Ghz or Above
  • RAM         8GB RAM Or Above
  • Free Disk 10 GB Free Hard Disk Space or Above
  • Graphics   NVIDIA GeForce GTX-980 @ 2GB VRAM or Above


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