Animal Shelter Simulator Xbox PS4 Android Pc Full Game Reviews Gameplay System Requirements

Animal Shelter Simulator Full Pc Xbox PS4 Android Game Details

Humans and animals relation is very old right from the beginning of this world. There are several stories found in the history about this loving relationship with animals. Therefore, keeping this thing in mind Games Incubator Studio start the development of “Animal Shelter Simulator Game“. Its basically a sims like game which you play with dogs and cats sims. Moreover, the game made available in 13 world wide supported languages.

Animal Shelter Simulator Full Pc Xbox PS4 Android Game Details

On the other hand, the game also features the educational game elements as you teach different skills and activities to your animals. When you get enough close to your pets and understand all their needs and fulfil their requirements they reward you with their trust. Trust is the main in game money which award you with points which help you to expand your animal shelter. Moreover, you can play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode. Or join your friends on multiple platforms with multiplayer gameplay mode too.

Animal Shelter Simulator Full Pc Xbox PS4 Game Development & Release Date

Firstly, Games Incubator Studio officially announced the Animal Shelter Highly Compressed Pc Game through steam on 03 October 2020 with launching the official Devlog of the game. Meanwhile, on 03 November 2020 the team release the first official trailer of the gameplay with the game maps 3D locations, the shelter structure and its controls and commands to use during the game. Moreover, on 04 December 2020 the team work hard to develop a lot of game content and published it through Devlog#3 on Steam. It contains a new build mode with showing the elements to build the shelter for your animals as well as new gameplay mechanics shown in the video too.

Moreover, on 23 December 2020 the team released the new update for the game containing the new models of dogs and some new shelter and new elements also introduced newly to the gameplay.  On 12 March 2021 the team released a major big update with cats newly added to the game. Next minor update released on 13 April 2021 which includes the outdoor decoration objects like trees, bushes, and  other shelter outdoor objects. After so many content added in the game the development team think differently. And on 18 June 2021 they have added a new feature of “Adoption” which allow the players to adopt a pet and take care of it and have fun.

To make the gameplay more interesting the developers released the Washing Station to make your pets clean on 02 July 2021. Most importantly, on 09 July 2021 the Healthcare system newly introduced in to the game. On 16 July 2021 the in game shop added to the main game to help you buy new pets and also sale your existing pets to earn in game money. 23 July 2021 brings a huge improvement and a big update to the main game by introducing the Drones. It mainly introduced to improve the transportation the essential things like food, water etc. Similarly, to increase the interest of the gamers the team released the Camera feature on 24 September 2021 to make pictures and videos of your pets.

Meanwhile, the team first announced the official release date of the game at 03 November 2021. But later decide to prolong the animal shelter simulator release. And make it free to play on Steam on 03 November 2021. Moreover, on 28 February 2022 the team again announced the release date. And said it would be published on 23 March 2022. Therefore, finally the game released world wide on 23 March 2022 for. Pc Microsoft Windows, For PS4, For Xbox X/s and Android versions. Moreover, on 28 March 2022 the first major updated game version with the title of. The “Animal Shelter Simulation Simfest: Hobby Edition” released world wide with new game mechanics and content.

Animal Shelter Simulator Full Pc Game PS4 Xbox Gameplay Help

Playing with pets is always being a fun for all of us whether playing in games or in the real life. You as the guardian of your pets has to establish a pets friendly shelter. Make sure your pets live here comfortably and you are the only one who has to make sure to make all the needs in one place. So for that purpose the shelter editor helps you to move the outer fence to expand or reduce your area. As well as if you want to make the one pet’s shelter big and other’s small you can also do it in editor too.

After that you have to set the essential things for you pets like. Food bowl, water bowl, their bed to take a rest everything you think is essential for your pet. But remember you need to buy these things in the in game store. You have to spend the in game money for that purpose which you earn by completing specific tasks. Like completing a outer fence wall you earn 500 points. And when you establish a room and a shelter for your pet it award you 500 additional points.

Along with all the residential needs you must take care of your pets in terms of good health and their exercise and playing games for entertainment. So you need a good lawn open area. The pets use it for walking or running and make several other activities to make a good healthy exercise. In the same vein, you tame your pets for doing special activities. Like you throw the ball and they bring it back to you. Fly the Frisbee in the air and they catch it by jumping in the air and bring it back to you.

You can also trade the pets and sell or buy new ones from the game store. When you tame a pet perfectly it give you the trust points. As well as when you went to sold it on the shop. It also award you much of the in game money which totally depends on the activities you teach your pet. So when you successfully sold a previous pet it help you get some new one. You can tame the dogs species and also the cats of different types. There are nearly 50 dog species added in the game with 25 cats types.

Animal Shelter Simulator Full Game Reviews

When the game first released on Steam the critics generally appreciate the game concept of humans love with animals & pets. On steam the game received 9/10 review rating points based on 464 gaming critics. On the other hand, on Metacritics awarded this pet simulation game a score of 85/100 review rating points. IGN awarded the game with a review

Animal Shelter Simulator Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Only 64 Bit Versions)
  • CPU               Intel Core i3 Processor @ 3.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM              8 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     8 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics       DirectX 11 Supported Graphics Card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX-780 @ 2 GB VRAM or Above

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