Armored Front Tiger Command Free Full Game For Pc

Armored Front Tiger Command Free Full Pc Game  new war vehicluar action, survival, and adventure pc game. AutoRotate 180 developed and published the game. Mainly its a tanks war fighting thriller shooting game set in the war fields. You have to survive all the way till you finish the last opponent with your tank in the deserts of North Africa during the period of world war 2. Most importantly, the game features both single player and multiplayer pc games cooperative gameplay modes to play the game online and offline with friends.

Armored Front Tiger Command Full Pc Game

Armored Front Tiger Command Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

The game is released on 2 March 2019 worldwide. It released for Pc Microsoft Windows, Android Apk, Linux version, macOS version and Xbox version. Right after the release of the first entry in the series the team announced the updated version of the game to be release in year 2020. It titles as Armored Front Tiger Command and released world wide on 20 November 2021 after some delays. However, the latest update for the game released on 28 November 2021 with the title of Armored Front Build 2 Update.

Armored Front Game Free Full For Pc Gameplay

Armored Front Tiger Command Highly Compressed is an adventure, action, RPG and shooting game. The players going to be the part of a tank regiment who are performing their duties against the enemies of country.  Heavy and wide range weapons used to defeat the enemy and to stop their advancement. Tanks loaded with rotating barrel guns provides the ability to destroy a large scaled convoy of tanks.

Player can upgrade the tank fuel status while fighting in the battle fields. Use of electronic shock waves enabled that when a large number of enemy troops try to destroy the player tanks. Players can choose from various style of jobs. A gunner operates heavy loaded and combination of weapons to destroy the enemy soldiers. General who orders his army to advance towards the enemy and lead a main role to prevent his crew, Radio operator uses electronic frequency devices to to keep informed the companions about enemy movements. Large display screens show the information where enemy troop taking positions and angle of firing  point.

In addition, a Tank workshop available in this game. Where player customize tank external parts, upgrade weapons as  fire power range, ammunition boxes and many more. On the other hand, In game store, player can change personality as many types of uniforms available and  replace the dead companions with a new healthy one. HD night vision camera provides clearness while fighting in darkest mood. Player may also use heavy armored vehicles during their fights.

While running in the battle fields, controller in shape of wheel steering used to keep the tank smooth on the way. And also help to escape from enemy mortar shelling. Pedal controller used to keep the tank in static position when it caught up between enemy troops. Furthermore, player can use rotating barrel guns to destroy them and to clear the way. 

Newly Added Features Of Armored Front Free Full Pc Game
  • Command and run a powerful T34-85 tank.
  • All new war tanks with latest technologies added
  • Featured career mode to unlock new abilities, skills and player ranks.
  • Included garage allow the players to perform the repair works and customization jobs.
  • Newly included barracks allow to store, manage crew and other customization.
  • Voice system included to order your crew to advance in the battlefield through voice commands.
  • Mission editor to edit or store a mission and resume it any time later.
  • In game rewards system allow to unlock, purchase, or collect in game elements like vehicles, weapons, maps and new missions.
Armored Front Tiger Command Full Pc Game Reviews

Generally the game received average or positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile the game got 7.5/10 points from GameSpot. On the other hand IGN awarded the game with 8/10 points.

Armored Front Pc Game System Requirements

  • OS                    Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7
  • CPU                 Intel i5 or better CPU
  • RAM                4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk     10 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1050Ti or Better

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