Astral Ascent Full PS4 Game For Pc All Details

A perfect action adventure rougelike horror fictional role playing thriller game with a unique dark and fantasy setting. Astral Ascent Full PS4 Game For Pc is a perfect 2022 game to play against 12 different kind of powerful bosses named Zodiacs with super magical powers. The game is set in the Astral Prison’s Garden with different type of unique and strange blocks type of settings. Assume the 4 different type of powerful hero characters to fight these enemy characters in the Garden Prison. Meanwhile, Hibemian Games Workshop has developed the game and published world wide along with Maple Whisper Entertainments. Most importantly you can only play the game in single player gameplay mode only.

Astral Ascent Full PS4 Game For Pc

Astral-Ascent Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

Initially Hibemian Games Studio start the development of Astral Ascent Highly Compressed Pc Game back in year 2020. Meanwhile on 15 October 2020 the development team announced the first content about the game that what they have developed and publish a short introduction trailer through official stream page. From that day the team share the updates about the development to the game lovers through this official page. Meanwhile on 23 February 2021 the team first time released the first official trailer through Steam official page.

Furthermore, on 29 March 2021 the development team announced demo version to play free as well as its short teaser trailer. However, on 27 April 2021 the team announced the free demo version for those who pre order the game physical copy. Finally, after sharing every moths development updates the team released Astral Ascent Full Pc Game For Android on 12 April 2023 world wide.

Astral-Ascent Pc Game Full Gameplay Help

Want to play best action adventure roguelike game on pc or android? Astral Ascent Full Pc Game now involved its players into a dangerous and hardworking platform type of world. Where every step you face different 12 species of enemy creatures, fire, and explosives. These enemy characters named as Zodiacs. The main purpose is to travel through the game world by moving upwards or downwards till the end you face the boss character. If you beat the boss character it award you the win of the level. However, if you killed by the boss character you have to play the level again to try finish the boss once again.

To start the game you must select a playing character from the available 4 heroic characters. These contains Ayla, Calie, Octaive and Kiran. Each has its own unique magical abilities and moves to perform during his fights with the secondary as well as the main boss enemy characters. In single player gameplay mode you can only play vs environment or cpu. But in the multiplayer gameplay mode for couples you can join your friends or other players in single game level. You can play with 4 other player at once in the coop mode. As you progress in the game and kill more and more enemies. You get more and more loot items spells and magical abilities. You can use these elements to fight against the main boss character at the end.

Astral Ascent Full Game For Pc Reviews

At the demo version release generally appreciate and positively commented on the game quality. Some critics called it the best roguelike action game of 2022 for pc and android. Meanwhile on Metacritics the game awarded with 75/100 review rating points. On the other hand IGN awarded this game with a score of 7/10 review ratings. It also get 9/10 perfect reveiw rating from Game Carter. And 9.2/10 review score from Whatoplay games.

Astral Ascent Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8 And Windows 10 64 Bit Version Only
  • CPU             Intel Core i3 Processor @ 3.0 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.2 GHz
  • RAM            4 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Free Disk    5 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-250 @ 2 GB VRAM, ATi Radeon HD-5770 @ 2 GB VRAM

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