Battle Motion Pc Full Game Reviews

Battle Motion Pc Full Game Reviews

Playing game is always a fun either playing online or offline. But when you consider playing a unique cartoonist type of simulation game as Battle Motion Pc Full Game which is a combat, action, adventure and survival pc game. It add more entertainment to your vacant free time with unique funny characters fighting and suddenly falling down. Meadow Games & Entertainments developed and published the full game world wide for all gaming consoles. Most importantly, now you can play it in multiplayer pc game mode with couples. Or can play online or offline on you pc or laptop alone in the single player game mode. So enjoy in fantasy funny battles and increase your characters levels by commanding your troops in the battlefield.

Battle Motion Pc Full Game Reviews

Battle Motion Pc Game Development & Release Date

Initially Meadow Games Studio start working on the game in the later half of year 2018. However, it released world wide on 4 February 2019 at once for an early access on steam. Furthermore, the game is playable For Pc Microsoft Windows version, Xbox version, Linux version and macOS consoles.

Battle Motion Pc Game Full Gameplay

Battle Motion Pc Game is an adventure, action, combat and survival and funny war fighting game. In this game players use the sharp swords for killing opposite warriors which are huge in numbers. And it seems that real blood spread every where from enemy dead bodies whenever you hit an opponent soldier. It is a fantastic full of fun game with endless unique and randomly changing gaming modes. Therefore, the excitement of the player increased so much in each level because there is no limit of action in the game included. Meanwhile as commander of your tribe the player used best leading skills to gain rewards after killing a huge wave of enemies in the battlefield.

Consequently, these rewards spent to boost up player energy, unlock new levels and upgrade new weapon classes. In addition, the players build forts to stop a large number of enemies from attacking him. However, to make it more strong you have to build the strong check posts with troops get alert all the time. And have a close eye on the entrance of your city. Most importantly, new characters with mighty skills and different fighting styles joined the team when you accomplish unique given tasks. During your wars you have to decide tactically very fast to use your troops perfectly from any directions and for different purposes.

However, building a strong castle and establish your own village is hard but made easy when ever you win the war and take the opponents resources to your village. To store these resources you also establish a town store with huge buildings. After store all the things here you can later on use it to make the foods need of your people. Build new building or trade them to buy new weapons. Or expands your army and make your troops more stronger by establishing the training center.

New Features Added In Battle Motion Pc Game
  • Full customization support via Workshop Support customize maps, weapons and other elements.
  • All the characters with full movement freedom to move right left, jump in the air or lay down or sit down.
  • Create your own castle, recruit members, engage in fights with other castles using Castle Mode.
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Different AI Types, with different behaviors and goals.
Battle Motion Full Pc Game Critics Reviews

Generally Battle Motion For Pc received positive reviews from all the critics reviews gaming sites. However it got 8/10 rating points on Steam during its early access release time. Similarly, the biggest review aggregator website Metacritics awarded this funny game with a high critics review score of 85/100 points. On the other hand, IGN also commented very positively and call it a “Fun To Play Game” and awarded with the critics review score of 7.5/10 critic points.

Battle Motion Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Only 64 Bit Versions)
  • CPU             Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM            4 GB RAM or Above
  • Free Disk    1 GB Free Hard Disk or Above
  • Graphics     Intel HD Graphics Card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX-7501 @ 1 GB or Above

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