Call Of Duty Online Pc Game Highly Compressed Reviews

For those who do love to play the massive battlefield war fighting and shooting games in military operation has a great interest in COD Games always. So, Call Of Duty Online Pc Game Free Full is another addition in this action, shooting and war fighting game series. Tencent Holdings publish the game world wide. And Activation Shanghai along with Raven software developed the game in combination. It is the main part of Call Of Duty Games series. It is based on several military’s operations and mission on different locations round the world. Each and every location features a different challenge and different terrorist forces or organizations. Meanwhile, The game also known as CODOL and CODO. Most importantly, the players can play the game alone or in multiplayer mode along with other players.

Call Of Duty Online

COD Online Game Free For Pc Development & Release Date

Firstly the game announced in year 2012 by Activasion. Meanwhile, it released as COD Online Beta version on 14 January 2013. And after it the game officially released on 11 January 2015. The game released as COD Online For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Xbox version and For PlayStation 4 versions.

Call Of Duty Online Free Full Game For Pc Gameplay

Like the previous games in the Call Of Duty Games series it also features the war fighting game elements. For the first time in the series players are free to customize their playing characters, weapons, maps and all the other game elements. Meanwhile the player starts the game by joining the forces as a soldier and completes different given tasks on various missions. The game features different game modes to play in a different mission and on different maps along with different characters.

These missions included are Campaign mode which is the main gameplay mode of the game. On the other hand, Stay sharp, is the mission in which the player has only a gun and the enemies appear at once in numbers. When the player start the game the timer starts and the player has to finish the enemies as quickly as possible and have to reach to Sandman to rescue him. As quickly the player complete the mission as bigger rewards he gains. There are also some other interesting and challenging mission added like

  • Mile High Jack

Players rescue the President Boris Voshevsky who was hijacked along with his plane. To complete the mission the players must kill all the enemies without making any damages to the president.

  • Over Reactors

In this mission the player travel through the helicopter and land on a Russian submarine. He enter into the marine and kill all the enemies present there and disable the thermite. After it player must exit the marine to complete the mission.

  • Hit n Run

During this mission the player enters in a building and first target the two security guards. After killing them the player than find the container with the hostages. During the mission three birds appears at different times player must kill them as quickly as possible other wise they make a huge blast. To complete the mission the player must free all the hostages and also himself reach to a safe point.

  • Toxic Paradise

In this mission the players have to enter the enemy research area filled with a lot of enemies equipped with latest weapons. The player must collect six chemical weapons samples form different locations indicated with white cross on the map. After collecting the samples players must reach at the top of the building and than jump out of the building to accomplish the mission.

  • The Fire Wall

It is a multiplayer gameplay mission and cannot played alone. The mission has to be complete in four minutes and each player has his own tasks and duties to perform during the mission.

  • Fatal Extraction

In this mission the player can have multiple weapons during the mission. As the player goes out to start the mission enemies starts firing at the player immediately. When player kill an enemy some of the enemy drop the element named Intel. The player has to collect five Intel to complete his mission.

  • The Hostage Takers

Once a plane crashed and Alena taken by the enemies as a hostage. The player task is to reach to Alena in the night with the use of stealth game elements. And rescue her without alerting the enemies.

  • Charge Set

Meanwhile, in this mission the player starts the mission by entering in a room where there are four enemies along with two civilian hostages. As the player kill the enemies will lock the next door and there are the same enemies and civilian hostage. As the player progress in the game he get more and more enemies till the last room.

At the completion of every mission the players get experience points, loots dropped by the enemies and other rewards and weapons. Players can use these in game currencies to purchase more weapons, costumes and unlock more missions and maps.

Call Of Duty Online Pc Game Reviews

Generally the game received positive and average reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, it got 85/100 points on Metacritic for the Pc version. On the other hand, IGN awarded the game with 8/10 points. However, GameSpot gave Call Of Duty Online Highly Compressed Pc Game 6.5/10 points. Mainly the critics praised the pace of the game the enemies and the weapons and mission included.

Call Of Duty Online For Pc System Requirements

  • OS                     Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
  • CPU                 Intel Pentium 4 Processor @ 2.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM                256 MB RAM Required
  • Free Disk      1 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce GTX-9500, AMD Radeon HD-600

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