Coromon Best PS4 Full Game 2022 Reviews, Release Date, System Requirements

Coromon Best PS4 Full Game Reviews 2022

Go through many beautiful environments in search of Coromon a unique monster, tame them and use them for your missions during a rogue like game? Is it a lot of fun or test of abilities for you to handle the monsters? TRAGsoft games developed the Coromon 2022 Game. Meanwhile, Freedom Games Entertainment published the compressed game world wide for all gaming console versions. Most importantly, you can play the game in tactical turn based battles in single player gameplay mode. Or either play in the multiplayer gameplay mode with your friends and family on split screens.

Coromon 2022 Full Pc Game

Coromon Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

TRAGsoft Games Studio first reveled the game at E3 Press Conference 2020 with the demo version released with short content only. Therefore, the development team take a close look at the official community page to make all the needs of the players of this game. So, they continuously release the minor updated with the interesting new and updated game content. The first update of the game with a limited content released on 14 January 2020 with the name of patchnote 0.0.10. Moreover, the next demo version update released on 17 January 2020 with the title of 0.0.11. Immediately after this small update the development team also released another update with some error fixes and a little bit of improved new content with the title of 0.1.0 patchnote demo version update.

After launching several other minor updated for the coromon highly compressed pc game demo version game the last final major update with the title of BuildVersion 0.1.14 update released on 06 June 2020. On 19 June 2020 the development team launched the discord Q & A event for the community to collect the data on how to make new improvements according to the interests of the players. On 20 January 2022 the team officially announced the release date that coromon will be published on 31 March 2022. Therefore, the game officially released through Steam on 31 March 2022 in multiple languages world wide. The players initially face some of the gameplay issues when playing the full version of this pc game which fixed through the Hotfix Patchrelease published on 1 April 2022.

Coromon Game For Pc PS4 Full Gameplay Help

A new sunny day appears in Veula a dram land with full of rich natural scenes all around you when you wakeup from a dram. You join a battle research center team named “Lux Solis”. You are not alone working on the research facility and everyone else is also doing there jobs. The whole day you worked smoothly but suddenly everything gone strange. Soon, you come to know that an unknown planets force has attack your research center and you have to survive in the hard situations.

The only escape is to finish the opponents and evil forces by using the environmental objects only. You have to utilize the Coromon a species available around you in the open world environment. They are unique type of monsters who obey the humans and help them in their work if you tame them well. There are over 100 species of these monsters and each of them has a different type of abilities, different look and different type of attacking styles. Each of the mission is accomplished by using the different combination of these tamed monsters.

Most importantly, you have to look for the stamina meter shown in the headup display. If your stamina meter decrease too much the enemies will caught you and kill you. On the other hand, hit the enemies well with limited attacking styles it allow you to fight for a long time with less use of stamina meter. As well as you also finish the opponents stamina by engaging them in the fights and waste moves.

The players can explore the open world environment by foot in the city. The city is divided into six major zones and cities. Morevoer, during the explore you find several in game elements like. Food elements for coromon, different coromon eggs, abilities, and other life resources to survive in this hard environment. You bring the eggs to your place and keep it on a safe place. When a coromon come out of the egg it thinks you are his master. And its upto you now to tame them perfectly as your battle beast to fight in the fights for you. These are very powerful and also has special abilities. Along with the basic abilities of walk, run, lay down, fly in the air and kick or use weapons.

During the exploration you can take your tamed coromons with you which help you in solving the offered puzzles. By solving each of the puzzles also award you additional game points. As well as you found new unique abilities and new type of monsters. Sometimes you face a lot of enemies attack you from everywhere. That’s when your tamed monsters help you and fight with them as your army. At the end of each of the mission there appear a monster enemy boss character. You have to plan your moves very carefully. As you only have a limited stamina and limited resources to finish the enemy. By killing the enemies and boss character you also collect their abilities, drop items and automatically move forward to the next game level.

Coromon Full Game Reviews

Generally the graphics and simple controls of the game appreciated by the game critics sites. The giant characters make a lot of fun which rated the game as a humor game too. Meanwhile, it awarded with 9/10 points on Steam when first released for an early access. On the other hand Metacritics awarded the game with a review score of 87/100 points. Generally the review aggregator sites appreciate the beautiful environment setting and the boss fights which need a lot of intelligence to win in the game.

Coromon Game For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU               Intel Core i5 Processor 2380 or Above, or AMD FX-6100 With 3.3 Processor or Higher
  • RAM              4 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     8 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics       GeForce GTX 650Ti @ 1 GB VRAM, AMD ATI Radeon HD-7770 @ 1 GB VRAM

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