Counter Strike Online 2 Game Download Free Full Version For Pc

Counter Strike Online 2 Game Download

Counter Strike Online 2 Game Download Free Full Version For Pc a war fighting action, strategy, survival pc game. Valve Corporation and Nexon Games developed it. It is the part of Counter Strike Games series and the direct sequel to game Counter Strike Online. It published in several different languages and as Tiancity published it in China. Beanfun published it in Hong kong and Tiwan. While Nexon Games Corporation Published it in the region of Japan and Korean region. Players can play in single player and multiplayer gameplay mode which included to play the game.

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Download Counter STrike Online 2

Counter Strike Online 2 Pc Game Release Date

The game Counter Strike Online II was make available for beta test version on Steam on 16 November 2011. Counter Strike Online 2 Pc Game Free Download Full Version released world wide in December 2013 by different publishes in different regions of the world. It released as Counter Strike Online 2 for Pc Microsoft Windows, Android Apk, Xbox vesion, Linux version and macOS version.

Counter Strike Online 2 Pc Gameplay

Counter Strike Online 2 Highly Compressed Free Pc Game Download is an war fighting action, shooting, survival and combat game. Some terrorist kidnapped high level personalities and demanded for a lot of money, Otherwise they kills the kidnapped persons. A cops squad from military special forces deployed in the building where the hostage are kept. Meanwhile the player take control of the role of a fighter as the leader of that fighting squad. The players carrying the task to prevent the hostage lives and capture the kidnappers alive or dead. Players loaded with shotguns, sniper guns and heavy machine guns. In the beginning levels, performance and firing range of guns is limited.

The players win and collect many in rewards and energy power ups during the game. These rewards spent to unlock new weapon, customize and their upgrades. Various and different new gameplay modes included to test and enhance the combat skills. In bomb defusing mode the soldiers survival teams took the responsibility to clear the area from underground mines and dynamite explosive bombs which can harm their team mates during the missions. Teams used high quality mine scanners and anti-mine  devices. The players perform a quick and fast action in hostage rescue mode to prevent the hostage persons and to kill the kidnappers.

Gun Deathmach mode allows the player to show their fight strength against the opposites to get assess new maps. In Stealth mode the fighter cops perform as mobile killing machines because it contains endless and non stop action packed fighting and shooting levels. Furthermore, In Coop mode, players accomplish their missions about to gain back the secret files. Meanwhile, these files are very important to secure country defense, destroy the kidnapper bases and their armored ammunition depots.

Newly Added Elements In Counter Strike Online II Game
  • Many new mods included in the game like bomb defuse, hostage rescue, team death match, stealth mode, Pig mode, Gun Death Match, Training Mode and Coop mode to complete different in game missions.
  • Newly added maps which enhance the area of the game than the previous games. Maps like Inferno, Dust II and Italy.
  • Many new and advanced weapons added in different categorizes like Shotguns, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Sub machine guns, sniper rifles and machine guns.
  • Newly added kill system which includes First blood, First kill, Double Kill, Tripple Kill and multi kills.
  • New characters also added which also features some of the female characters.
  • Achievements system help gain more rewards and collectibles and also upgrades.

Counter Strike Online 2 Pc Reception

Counter Strike Online 2 Apk Download For Android generally received very positive reviews upon its release from the critics. Furthermore, Metacritic awarded Counter Strike Online 2 For Pc version with 85/100 points. While on the other hand, IGN awarded it with 8/10 points.

Counter Strike Online 2 Pc System Requirements

  • OS                    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • CPU                 Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom X3-8750 or better
  • RAM                2 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk       12 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Graphics        Graphics Card minimum @ 256 MB VRAM or better

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