Cows Vs Vikings Full Pc Game Reviews

Cows Vs Vikings Full Pc Game is an action, shooting, and full of humor game. Red Ox Games Entertainments developed and published Cow Vs Vikings Torrent world wide. The game story begun when Cow Queen goes missing and Vikings become the main victim of her kidnap. After that all cows declared war against the vikings to recover their queen and destroy the whole country. It make a lot of humor while playing the game and every second make much more entertainments for the players. The players can play the game as single players or play the game in the online multiplayer cooperative gameplay mode to fight these skillful warrior cows.

Cows Vs Vikings Pc Free Full Game Development & Release Date

CVV Game Free Full development begun in the year 2015 by Idol Games Studio. However, it first announced on 11 September 2017. Meanwhile, Red Ox Games published the game for an early access on Steam on 07 December 2018 world wide. it released as Cow Vs Viking For Pc Microsoft Windows and For Android Apk versions for the demo version with limited content to play the game.

Cows Vs Vikings Free Full Pc Gameplay

Cows VS Vikings Highly Compressed Pc Game is a strategy, tower defense, action, combat and casual game with the addition of a lot of humor aspects and events in the game. The game features clashes between cows and vikings as vikings committed the crime to kidnap some of cows along with the Cow Queen. So well, cows deployed their troops to recover hostiles and avenge the vikings. All of the battles going to happen in the simulated of area of Jutland, an open world.

On one side, weapons consist of Thor Hammer, arrow, artillery shells, and magical spells to defeat the enemy walking troops. On the second hand, the game brings tower system that allows vikings to build different types of defending towers to stop enemy advance. Towers sorted in four unique types of Freezer, Archer, Artillery, and Wizard that help the vikings to protect their warriors.

Freeze Rower uses strange actions to disorder the enemy squads as a blowing pipe to reveal spells on them. Meanwhile, bow men positioned on Archer towers to throw arrows on walking foes. Meanwhile, Artillery tower and Wizard tower brought in action to set heavy bomb shells to destroy the strong bases of opposed part. More than that, players can select from difficulty levels to attain maximum thrill in the course of the game.

Meanwhile, each resource of the vikings army is up gradable as player can make their weapons, spells and tower more effective. Furthermore, Special game mode added as Merlin where the hard battles happen between tow parties and often aggressive talks. On the other hand, Story mode enabled where cows and vikings can exchange words either friendly or in worst mood.

Added Key Features In CVV Full Pc Game

  • A vast open world transformed in the battle ground
  • Weapons include Thor, Hammer, bows, arrows, heavy shells and spells
  • The game is supporting tower system for defense purposes
  • Four Types of towers as Archer, Wizard, Artillery and Wizard
  • Selecting easy and hard combat allowed by changing difficulty level
  • Merlin Mode allows the players to make chat with friends and opposed
  • Story mode is also another mode to chat with others or run war campaigns
  • A lot of humor activities which did not let you feel bore while playing the game

Cows Vs Vikings Full Pc Game Reviews

The funny and unique type of gameplay make reviewers to positively reviews the game. It received very positive reviews from the critics in the early access on Steam. Meanwhile, it received 9.5/10 perfect positive rating points from the critics.

Cows Vs Vikings Pc System Requirements
  • OS              Windows Xp, Windows 7
  • CPU            Intel Dual Core Processor @ 2.6 GHz, AMD Athlon X4 CPU @ 2.6 GHz
  • RAM           1 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk    4 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-880 @ 1 GB VRAM or Better

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