Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Download

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Download Free Full Highly Compressed Game

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Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Download Free 

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Download is a millitary shooting, fighting and tactical action packed pc game. Nova Logic Inc developed Delta Force Black Hawk Torrent in the combination of Aspyr, Climax Group and Rebellion Developments. The game covers the story and the real incidents of 1993 when US Army Operations teams along with the peace keeping United Nations army teams engage in several missions in Somalia and Mogadushu.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Download

It is the sixth main installment of Delta Force Game series. Moreover, it is the direct sequel to the earlier released game named Delta Force Task Force which released in the year 2003. Furthermore, some of the mission of Delta Force Operative Team also set in the East African Jubba Valley in year 1990s. Most importantly, Both single and multiplayer gameplay modes included to play the game in either offline or online mode.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Game Release Date

After the successful release of the Delta Force Task Force in the year 2003 developers immediately start the development next entry in the series. Meanwhile, the game released on 23 March 2003 In North America and 28 March 2003 in Europe as Delta Force Black Hawk Down for Pc Microsoft Windows. It released as Xbox version on July 2004 in North America. While Play Station and Xbox versions released 26 July 2005 in North America and 2 September 2005 in Europe. Nova Logic Inc. published it In the combination of Aspyr.

Furthermore, the additional content containing the new army character classes, new weapons, new armor vehicles, and some new maps published through an expansion pack. on 06 February 2004 Nova Logic Inc published the expansion pack named “Delta Force Black Hawk Team Sabre” world wide. It also included with two new campaign mission set in Iran and Colombian islands.

Delta Force Black Hawk Dawn Pc Gameplay

Delta Force Black Hawk Dawn For Pc is a peace force military operations shooting, tactical, action and adventure role playing game. The player is the part of three member fight squad loaded with mighty combat skill and a unique verity of lethal weapons. Each of the character has to perform according to his character class to fight during the missions. Sniper assault riffles, hand grenades, blasting anti personal mine and pistols along with silencer used to knock down the brutal enemies. The players can shuffle between weapons at any time during fighting. Players also got the useful powerful weapons which dropped from the enemies.

On the other hand, the players can select one of the character as a commander who orders them to hold firing positions, handle the advancing enemies by putting them on the edge of fire power and to protect the companion by cover fire. Furthermore, newly added Chat system enables all the players to keep connected with other members in important conversations by using modern techniques as using radio transmitters, walkie talkie and other satellite devices. Joint military operations held in the darkest and horrible unknown places of several valley where the players landed through parachutes. Various type of combat style introduced to increase the excitement of the players by making the game more challenging in fast paced bullet hell.

As these military operation team members can perform their action boarded at the cobra gun ship helicopters through heavy shelling by wide ranged mortar and double barrel guns. In addition, the players can use the mobile armored vehicles to engage the enemies in a new way. Through progress the game, Players rewarded by in game experience points when killing any of the enemies in the battle field. These earned resources and in game money spent to increase the abilities of players. Like as upgrading and unlocking new weapons, ammunition boxes, accessing to new missions and buy new lives for the players. Progress through the missions saved automatically. And player can access these mission at the next time at the later time easily. When a team complete a mission and fully clear the whole area from enemies. They win the round and awarded with winning points and rewards.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Game Download Free Full Version Features
  • Cobra gunship helicopters used to perform the combat actions in a new way
  • Turn based armored vehicles included with huge destructive weapons
  • New verity of frequency devices used to contact with other player or pass several commands
  • Unique and wide ranged weapons added as sniper riffles and grenades
  • Improved 3D graphics technology used to provide a realistic type of gameplay for the players
  • Co-operation supported as player can build a squad up to three players
  • Fight through complex and challenging mission which tasks multiple missions in a single level
  • Newly expanded maps locations added with Team Sabre Expansion pack

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc Reviews

Generally the game received mostly positive reviews from critics. Firstly, Metacritic awarded Delta Force For Pc with 78/100 rating points. On the other hand, it gave For PlayStation 2 console version with 65/100. And For Xbox one console version with 62/100 points. Furthermore, IGN awarded this Delta game Microsoft Windows version with 9.5/10 rating points. Moreover, game won the Silver Sales awards from ELSPA. With achieving the sale of 100000 copies at its release just in United Kingdom.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Pc System Requirement

  •   OS                  Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  •   CPU                Pentium 4 @ 1.8 GHz or Above
  •   RAM               256 MB RAM Required
  •   Hard Disk       2 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  •   Graphics         DirectX 9 supported video card @ 1 GB VRAM

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