Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game Reviews

Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game Reviews

Enter into the under ground world filled with monster and more strange fact is that you must kill, cook and eat them to get more stronger and survive in this world to escape safely from that deadly place. Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game is an action role playing RPG, dungeon crawling, cooking and eating game. Majaja developed and published this game. The game is set in a open world simulation randomly generated locations which ruled by deadly dangerous and huge monsters and creatures. And you have to find a way to go home safely by hunting these monsters, eat them and gain their abilities to survive in the unknown. Most importantly, you can now play the game in single player online or offline gameplay mode. Similarly you also have the option to play in best multiplayer pc game for couples mode in the cooperative gameplay mode.

Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game Reviews

Dungeon Munchies Pc Game Development & Release Date

The early game development begin in year 2015 by MajaJa games. Meanwhile the game published on 5 June 2019 world wide for an early access on Steam. Most importantly it released For Pc, For Android Mobiles, For Xbox, and For PlayStation version. Similarly, on 21 September 2021 the team added the new game mechanics containing updated game content with the name of “Dungeon Munchies X Food Girls Collab Comic Upadte”. Likewise, the development team added another update game pack on 26 March 2021 with the title of “Dungeon Munchies Mini Update” which contains the update of Unspeakable Monster Found In Abyass. Lastly, the final update of the game released world wide on 26 April 2021 containing the new game sound tracks.

Dungeon Munchies Pc Game Full Gameplay

Dungeon Munchies Pc Game is an action packed survival, tactical hunting and cooking fun based monster fighting game. The players dropped deep into the depth of the earth into unknown spaces with horrible spaces. Meanwhile, players has to find the main life resources at the start and collect them to fight against different kind of enemies. On the other hand, players also have to collect the elements to build their own weapons to fight with the unknown species who attack them. Furthermore, on several different places you fight against many creatures with giant size and powerful abilities.

Most importantly, after finishing a creature player must eat different organs which provide unique abilities to the players. Which help the players to eat and get the abilities of those creatures to survive in this unknown world to safely escape from the unknown world. However, these abilities may also help the player in getting more power and fight against more powerful creatures. Meanwhile, a player just can ear only five dishes because stomach cannot accept anything after that. If the player want to ear any other dish he must drop one of the dishes already eaten. As the players get more and more abilities as powerful he get and finally he fight with the master boss. If you kill him will win you the game however, if you failed you can play the level once again.

Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game Key Features
  • Make your own way in the unknown spaces of unknown under earth world.
  • Hunt and eat as big creatures will award the most abilities and in game rewards.
  • Built your own hand crafted weapons to fight against different kind of enemies.
  • Story Mode added to progress through the game.
  • Tons of recipes but a limited stomach
  • Each recipe features a different kind of taste as well as the abilities and skills
  • New kind of foods, maps and crafted weapons and new deadly creatures.
Dungeon Munchies Full Pc Game Reviews

generally it received very positive reviews at its release. On Steam the game got perfect rating score of 8.5/10 points. On the other hand, IGN awarded this monster fighting game with a critics review score of of 9/10 points. Most of the critics praised the game elements and the fun provided in the main story while from a normal man to get a strong beast who eat animals.

Dungeon Munchies For Pc System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 Bit)
  • CPU             Intel Core i5 or Above
  • RAM            4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk   4 GB Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      NVIDIA GeForce GTX-510 @ 2 GB VRAM

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