Dusk Driver 2 Full Game For Pc PS4 Xbox Reviews Gameplay Release Date System Requirements

Dusk Driver 2 Full Game For Pc PS4 Xbox 

You may have played several car racing games but Dusk Driver 2 Full Pc PS4 Xbox game brings a new levels to check your driving as well as fighting skills in a challenging environment in the streets of japan now. You engage in the fast paced street fights with unknown robotic enemies attack the city. Meanwhile, you have to fight with them finish them and uncover all the secrets behind it. Meanwhile, Wanin International Game Studio developed the game. On the other hand Justdan Entertainments Ltd have published the game world wide for all gaming consoles. Most importantly, you can play the game in both single player as well as in the multiplayer gameplay mode to play the game with your friends and family online.

Dusk Driver 2 Full Game For Pc

Dusk Driver 2 Full Pc PS4 Xbox Game Development & Release Date

The initial development of Dusk Driver 2 Highly Compressed begun back in year 2021 by Wanin International Games Studio. They first announced the released date of the game on 14 January 2022 but due to some serious issues they push back the released. They announce the new official release date to 24 February 2022 world wide. Therefore, the final version of dusk deiver II full game released world wide on 24 February 2022 for all gaming consoles.

Right after the successful release of the main game the development team released the updated game content paid pack with the title of “Dusk Driver 2 DLC – Summer Swimsuit Set-1”. It released on 24 February 2022 with additional new game content which is not available in the main game. This update mainly includes the additional costumes for Yang Yumo, Leo, Bahet, Le Viada.

Moreover, the second main update of the game released on 10 March 2022 with paid game content. It contains the new costumes and outfits for D.D, Bette, Raven and Vandak. Similarly, the final game update released on 31 March 2022 with the title of “Dusk Driver II – DLC Luminous Avenger IX 2: Visitors From The Other World”. The main addition to the game made through adding the new game mode of Visitors From The Other World Game Mode. Similarly, now the players can also engage in the side quests and win additional game points.

Dusk Driver II Full Game For Pc Xbox PS4 Gameplay Guide

Dusk Driver 2 full pc game is generally a fighting action and adventure game. To star the game the player has to choose his favorite heroic character with his own unique appearance and abilities to fight through the missions. The available heroic fighter characters contains

  • Yumo              Leo              Bahet                 Le-Viada
  • The Boss        Nemea       Liu Yusha           Meng Zhang
  • Bette               Megrez       Typhon              Shoel
  • Raven             Vandak       D.D                    Bo-Yinn
  • Aali                  ULL              Michael            Maye

Each of the character has unique abilities to perform during the missions and fights. The story of the game is set in the fictional city of Dragon Vein. There are many technology research building which use to research for several experiments. Meanwhile, the story starts when Yang Yumo and Liu Yusha who are class mates accidently visited the city of Youshanding. When they entered into the city they attacked by the Chaos Beasts the unknown enemy species. At that incident they met Leo who’s a brave warrior who save them from the enemy. During the attack of this enemy creature Yumo gets some of the powers of Dragon Vein Energy from that attacking beast. It also make her look different and ugly.

Therefore, to get the real look of Yumo Liu Yusha decided to accept the offer of the city manager to fight against these enemies. At the end of each level they must fight the monster enemy character Nemea. Who want to spread the horror throughout the city and want to control over the resources of all the city.

To fight through the game levels the players can use the simple controls with the feature of Crash Skills. It allow the players to perform the light or heavy combo attacks. But if the enemy is too much powerful than you can use the feature with EX, SP or SP skills to make more powerful attacks to finish the enemies. In every fight the player mainly collect the XP which is a useful game money. As you progress through the game and collect the XPs as well you unlock new game levels.

Moreover, when you visit the city you can make relations with the NPCs. They help you through the main mission with providing important information. On the other hand, you also engage in side quests and missions which these people of the city provide you. When you complete these minor quests and missions. It will award you with their trust as well as additional rewards to earn in game money.

The city is full of buildings and there are several stores too. When you enter a store and buy anything it will cost you to spend the ingame money. Like when you buy new costumes or weapons or any other customization object you spend the money shown in the headupdisplay. Similarly, when you feel hungry you can visit the nearby restaurant. Each food your character consume will have to pay from your in game money too.

When you reach at the finish of each game level. A monster robotic enemy character appears. It has to many strong abilities and can easily kill you. If you finish it will award you the winning points as well as you can collect all the drops from the master character and use them in the next game levels. On the other hand it also move you to the next game level with new unique mission and setting.

Dusk Driver II Full Pc Game Reviews

When this action packed fighting game released world wide it take huge appreciation world wide from all gaming critics sites. Meanwhile, it get 92/100 review rating points from the biggest gaming review site Metacritics. On the other hand, IGN awarded this game with a score of 9/10 review rating points. Similarly, Game Spot awarded this game a score of 4.5/10 points. The gaming critics generally appreciate the game mechanics and fast paced fights. On the other hand, The heroic fighter characters and the enemy robotic random characters appreciate a lot by the gamer lovers.

Dusk Driver 2 For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 Bit Versions Only)
  • CPU             Intel Core i5 6400K Processor @ 3.2 GHz or Higher
  • RAM            4 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Free Disk    12 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-750 DirectX Version 11 Supported @ 2 GB VRAM

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