Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Full Game Reviews

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Full Game Reviews

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Full Game is a unique fighting hack n slash, combat, action, adventure, survival pc game. Omega Force Games developers developed this game for all consoles. Moreover, its the part of famous games of Dynasty Warriors Series and the direct sequel to the 2005 released Dynasty Warriors V. This game is now set in the simulated randomly generated world locations belongs to old times China in the Three Kingdoms period of 200AD. Most importantly, it features some best game components for multiplayer pc game for couples to engage in the cooperative gameplay mode. Similarly you can also play the game in the single player gameplay mode with less entertainment and not too challenging to get while playing.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Full Game Reviews

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Game Development & Release Date

It is a multi platform game released on one by one for each of the console version at different time. Firstly, the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles published in Japan on 11 November 2007. While in North America it released on 19 February 2008. On the other hand, it released in Europe on 7 March 2008. Similarly, Dynasty Warriors VI For Pc Microsoft Windows version this game released in Japan on 11 July 2008. On the other hand, in North America the game released on 24 November and in Europe it published on 4 October 2008. In the same vein, PlayStation 2 console versions released in Japan on 2 October 2008 and for PlayStation Portal released on 22 October 2009.

Later on after the successful release of the main game the development team also added the new game content with the DLC updated paid packs who want to buy the game’s updated latest new content. With the help of these updated pack the team released new characters, abilities and also added some new maps to play. There are several new gaming modes now available to play the game in both multiplayer pc game or playing in the single player campaigns.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Game Full Gameplay

The gameplay of Dynasty Warriors VI is different from the earlier released games in the Dynasty Warriors Games series. It is basically a fight, hack n slash type of combat fighting game with swords and magical abilities. There are mainly 50 playable character which you can select to start the game. Meanwhile, the other characters also available with special powerful abilities but you have to perform special unique tasks to unlock them. Along with the old game mechanics now in this game a new system named Renbu introduced in the game. It helps the players to build new attack combos for their characters. Now the players can wield their weapons with more powerful weapons than in the earlier games. When attacking the opponent and make damage to them fills the Ranbu gauge which also improves the level and ranks of the player.

If the player take any damage and do not attacking the enemy it also drops the Ranbu Gauge. Meanwhile another feature added called Skill Tree which helps the players to earn high ranks Renbu. It also allow the players to get more abilities and enhance their powers. This meter shows on the screen from right to left. Which indicate that the right skills are easy to access while the left are very hard to achieve for you. Many characters added to the game and each has its own abilities, weaknesses and strengths or style of fighting. These characters are available in two modes the Musour Mode and the free Mode. Each category has different weapons and abilities to use or perform during the combats.

The weapons divided in different categories like Standard and Strength. Each of the category weapons helps differently. Like if you choose the standard weapons it cannot give enough power abilities to use against powerful giant enemies. Now in this game the move divided into five different types. These Swift Attacks, Volley, Fire, Rockfall and True Speed. Each of the ability to perform in the game cost you the game points. But if you successfully perform the ability it also award you more game points when you hit and kill the opponents.

Moreover, Two new abilities are added newly to the series which are the ability to swim and climb the ladders. Both of the unique and newly added abilities help the players during they attack on enemy castles. Meanwhile, if any player finish all the opponent soldiers than he claimed the king of the castle. Because it award him with the victory after killing the final enemy as the new emperor of that empire. In conclusion, After completing each mission the players got rewarded by lot of money, weapons. loots, gold and other elements.

Unique Features Available In Dynasty Warriors 6 Full Pc Game
  • Ranbu Gauge system
  • Skill Tree to earn higher ranks
  • Musou Mode included
  • Free Mode
  • New Weapon Categories
  • Five Kind Of Attacks, Swift Attack, Volley Attack, Fire, True Speed and Rockfall.
  • New abilities like swim and climb the ladders.
  • Over 40 playable along with 48 features characters added.
Dynasty Warriors 6 Full Pc Game Reviews

Generally Dynasty Warriors 6 For Pc version and other platforms received mixed or average reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, Metacitic awarded the game with 60/100 points. On the other hand, GameSpot awarded the game with 6.5/10 points. Meanwhile, IGN gave it 6/10 points. Furthermore, the game also nominated for many game rewards and it won many of the awards at different nominations.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • CPU              Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz or above
  • RAM             512 MB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk    5 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Graphics       AMD Radeon-9600 series or NVIDIA GeForce GT-7300

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