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Fallout 3 Pc Download Free Full Version Highly Compressed Game Torrent

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Fallout 3 Pc Download Free Full Game

Fallout 3 Pc Download Free Full Game is a shooting, fighting, action, role playing video game. Bethesda Game Studios developed this game. Meanwhile, Bethesda Softworks published it. Consequently, It is the part of Fallout game series and the direct sequel to Fallout 2 game. The plot of the game set in the simulated place of Washington DC. And the story is set in the period of 2077. In addition, both single and multiplayer gameplay modes added to play the game.

Fallout 3 Free Download
Download Fallout 3 Highly Compressed Game Torrent

Fallout 3 Pc Download Release Date

The game released in different regions on various dates. Meanwhile Demo version was released in some places in year 2007. However It released in North America on 28 October 2008. And it released on 30 October 2008 world wide. Meanwhile, it released as Fallout 3 for Pc Microsoft Windows, for Android Apk, Linux version, macOS version and Xbox version.

Fallout 3 Gameplay

It is an action, shooting and survival role playing video game. The game story is set in year 2077 at the fictional simulation places of Washington DC and follows the stories of the Great World War between US, China, Russia and many other countries. Meanwhile the gameplay is similar to the earlier games released in the previous fallout games. At the start the player creates their own character by using the character customization system introduced in this game.

The player found a book in the Vault which named “You Are Special” and than the player set seven aptitudes for his character. The player get a hard training of weapons and fighting skills from the beginning in the childhood. On the other hand the book also indicated several side missions and quest in the book which the player completes. By completing these mission the player awarded many rewards and collectibles or Experience points as well as it uncover many secrets.

Mainly the game rewards includes Skills and Perks in this game. Every player can choose a Tag Skill Tree for the character which only includes three skills out of total 13 included skills. By completing different missions the player at last reach at level 20 and after that the player have to purchase the DLC of the game. During the game the character health shown on the main screen via the health bar. The health is mainly divided into two different types which mainly rely on Health Points and Limb. If a player has a bad health he must have the health recovering elements called Stimpacks. It slowly re generate the players health and it allow the players to further progress through the game.

Players use different weapons to compete with different in game enemies. Each of the weapon is unique in his abilities. After using the weapons for a long time make is less effective. So the player has to repair the weapon or replace it with the other weapons. The repairing and upgrade the weapons need to spend some in game money. On the other hand player also can build their own weapons which can be more effective in the missions. Some of the weapons can also find on several locations during the gameplay. Or players gain the weapons dropped from the enemies, completing side quest and many other rewards.

Newly Added Features In Fallout 3 Free Full Pc Game
  • Special Character System allow you to create your own special character with super powers and many unique abilities.
  • Full support for all kind of customization like to fight the opponent or use different other methods to progress in the game.
  • Artificial Intelligence with full character customization support to fully customize your character appearances, costumes.
  • Inventory System Newly added to the game
  • Newly added VATS a combat system added now.

Fallout 3 Game Download Pc Reception

Most importantly the game received very positive reviews from the critics. However, Metacritic awarded Fallout 3 For Pc version with 82/100 points, Xbox 360 with 95/100 and PlayStation 3 version with 90/100 points. On the other hand, GameSpot gave the game 9.5/10 points. Meanwhile IGN awarded the game with 9.6/10 perfect rating points.

It also achieved the commercial success for Bethesda. Just in year 2008 it sold over 5 million copies world wide. On the other hand in December 2008 it was the best selling game in United States. Meanwhile the game also got Platinum Sales award by selling 300000 copies just in UK. In conclusion the game sold over 13 million copies world wide till November 2015.

It was nominated for several gaming awards. The game won “Game Of The Year 2007” award from IGN. GameSpot awarded it with the “Best Role Playing Game Of E3” award. On the other hand, it won Game Critics Awards for “Best Role Playing Game” award. In several game awards it become the runners up at place 2nd or 3rd.

Fallout 3 Pc System Requirements
  • OS                    Windows Xp, Windows Vista
  • CPU                 Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon XP equivalent
  • RAM                1 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Space   8 GB Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics         AMD Radeon HD-2400 @ 256 MB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX-6800

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