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Far Cry 4 Pc Download Free Full Version Game Highly Compressed Torrent

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Far Cry 4 Pc Download Free Full Game

Far Cry 4 Pc Download Free Full Version Game is action and shooting game. Ubisoft Monteral developed and Ubisoft published the game. It is set in the fictional places of Kyrat a city in the Himalaya. And the game story is based on the main character named Ajay Ghale who caught in the civil war by Kyrat Royal Army. The head of the royal army is named Pagan Min the head of Golden Path. It is a part in the FarCry Games series and the fourth main installment of the series. The game is the direct sequel to earlier released game Far Cry 3 Torrent. Most importantly both single player and multiplayer game modes are available in the game to play.

Far Cry 4 Free Download
Download Far Cry 4 Free Full Highly Compressed Game For Pc

FarCry 4 Free Download For Pc Release Date

The game development started immediately after the release of Far Cry Instinct in year 2005. Meanwhile, the game released on 18 November 2014 by Ubisoft world wide. It released For Pc Microsoft Windows version and For Android apk version. On the other hand it also released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

Far Cry IV Pc Game Download Gameplay

It is an open world first person action and adventure game set in the Kyrat City. Meanwhile the players take the character as Ajay Ghale and lead him throughout his mission. The players may run, jump, or lean and also have the ability to swim under water. During the game players may use different weapons like shotguns, bows, sniper rifles, knifes, flame throwers and the rocket launchers which can make a big destruction to the enemies. He fight against the royal army who is led by Pagan Mine who is also the in charge of a rebel movement named Golden Path.

Cover system allow the players to take cover behind different obstacles to avoid the gun fire and the damage from the enemy attacks. On the other hand, the game stealth elements allow the players to complete their missions silently without noticed by the nearby enemies. During the main campaigns players also use an elephant to travel or to fight against the big beast enemy animals. On the other hand, player also throw the bait which attract the nearby animals and other wildlife and when they gather there the player can than progress further using the stealth methods. During their mission play may hunt many animals to get food.

Far Cry 4 Free Full Version Pc Game Walk through Help On Youtube

There is a camera included in the game which help the player in several ways like indicate the enemy locations, the targets and the hidden useful elements. The maps of the game contains forest, rivers and mountains and players can freely roam the game world. Many of the vehicles also included in the game which assist the player to travel through one location to another in a quick time. There are many parachute, wing suit and grappling hooks available to use in the game as the player requires them.

As the player progress through the game it unlocks more levels and maps to go further. The enemy forces has build strong safe towers which is a powerful defense for the enemy forces. On the other hand these towers also provide help to the players to indicate the enemy locations and the path to progress in the game. During the main campaign player offered for many side missions like rescue the hostages, bomb disposal, or hunting which awarded the player more experience points, loots and other rewards. In addition these experience points can be used for upgrade of weapons, costumes, vehicles and other performance boost.

Guns For Hire is the multiplayer coop mode included in the Far Cry 4 Highly Compressed Pc Game Free Download. But only two players can engage in the game as coop. Players can choose the character of either Golden path member or play as Rakshasa. Each of the character features different abilities and weapons.

Far Cry 4 Pc Game Added Features
  • Free Explore the open world environment filled with wild life animals and many useful resources.
  • Different kind of animals included now like leopards, black eagles and rhinos.
  • Use the giant elephant or the furious tiger in the missions.
  • Many new and advanced improved weapons included.
  • Join your friends in the cooperative multiplayer mode.

Far Cry 4 Game Download Free Reception

The game generally received positive reviews from the critics according to review aggregates Metacritic. Meanwhile, Metacritic awarded for Microsoft windows version with 80/100 points. On the other hand, it gave the PlayStation 4 version 89/100 and Xbox One version 80/100 points. However, IGN gave it 9/10 points. Generally critics praised the characters of Ajay Ghale and Pagan Min.

The game also achieved the commercial success for Ubisoft as it sold over six million copies just in the first year of its release. The game become the fourth faster selling video game in the first week of its release. On the other hand, the game become the best selling game on sales chart in UK in the first week of the release. However, till 31 December 2014 Ubisoft shifted over 8 million copies world wide.

It nominated for several game awards and won IGN award for “Best Shooter Award”. On the other hand, it also won DICE Awards award for “Outstanding Achievement”.

FarCry IV For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                   Windows 7 (64 Bit Version)
  • CPU                Intel Core i3-550 @ 3.0 GHz, AMD Phenom X4 @ 3.2 GHz
  • RAM               4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk     20 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      NVIDIA GeForce GTX-460, AMD Radeon HD-5770 @ 1 GB VRAM

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Far Cry 4 Pc Torrent Download

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