Gears Of War 3 Pc Download Free Full Game

Gears Of War 3 Pc Download Free Full Version Highly Compressed Game Torrent

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Gears Of War 3 Pc Download

Gears Of War 3 Pc Download Free Full Game is actually a war like action game with the character players holding guns. Also, the game is same like an army fighting against its enemy. Which is fighting for protecting their people. With co-working of Epic Game and Microsoft Studios this firing game appears to the Game World. Actually, the game is mainly from the series of Gears Of War. Furthermore, the game comprises both gameplay modes, allows a single player mode and multiplayer mode as well.

Gears Of War 3 Pc Download Free Full Game

Gears Of War 3 Release Date

Firstly, the game was releasing in the April of year 2011 but they delayed publishing date. Afterward, the developer releases this game on 20 September of the same year 2011. The developers Introduces the game only for computers, and runs over Microsoft Windows, XBOX Versions. Also, Linux Version and Mac OS version support this game. It was introduced and Published as Gears Of War 3 for Pc.

Gears Of War Full Game For Pc Gameplay

Mainly, the Gears Of War 3 Pc Game Highly Compressed is an idea for saving the whole mankind all over the world, from attacking giant creatures and other dangerous enemies. The player controls the main game character as a third person. As the game also supports multiplayer mode therefore players can Set up a team of at Four players. In this way, the team can obstruct the forwarding bunch of enemies. Furthermore, a player can have maximum four weapons.

These weapons includes two main weapons as guns, and also have grenades to attack the group of enemies. Also, a small pistol is in the the weapons list. Also, a player can exchange his weapons from the killed enemies’ weapons. These weapons protects the player from the dangerous enemies as well as from the giant monster as a boss. And provides a strong and efficient ability to compete with the powerful enemy. Clearing a fighting level brings you to the next one. When the enemy fires the player the blood squirts feels on the whole screen. But when the player survive itself from the attacking enemy it gradually gets normal. Also to hide himself from the enemies player can use the object around the environment.

Also, the player has various skills which he uses to overcome the condition. Amazingly, there is a mode named King of the Hills. In this mode the player compete against the group of enemies on the small hills. The invincible bunkers provides a shade to the players to prevent them from the burst of fire. At last, when the player gets victory in his mission and occupies all the space than he gets a title of King Of The Hills. And also rule the territory along with his faction. Next the players get forward to the next game levels to compete more enemies and take over their territories.

Gears Of War 3 Download Reception

Generally the game received positive reviews from the critics at the initial release world wide. GameRanking awarded the game with 92/100 points for all console versions. Similarly, from Metacritic the game achieve to get 91/100 points. Furthermore, GameSpot gave the game a score of 9.5/10 for pc version. Lastly, IGN awarded this gear of war game with 9/10 review rating points.

In its first week of the release the game sold over three million copies world wide. It also became the second best selling game after the first month of its release. The game also nominated for many game awards at different gaming publications. It won Best Action And Shooting Game awards of IGN in 2011. In addition it also won Best Cooperative Mode Award and Best Shooter Game Award in year 2011. Similarly, the game also win Best Xbox 360 Game award from the G4 Games Entertainments.

Gears Of War 3 Pc System Requirements

  • OS                          Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • CPU                        Intel Dual Core Processor @ 2.4 GHz, AMD equivalent
  • RAM                      1 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk              12 GB Hard Disk Required
  • Graphics                NVIDIA GeForce GTX 6600+ or Better

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