Gears Of War 5 Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Gears Of War 5 Pc Free Full Version Game is a 2019 released third person shooting, fighting and action packed simualtion role playing game. The Coalition Studio developed it. It is the part of Gear Of War game series and the sequel to Gears Of War 4. Meanwhile overall its the 6th main installment in the series. The game story is based on the character of Kait Daiz who lead his friends groups in different missions. Basically he wants to uncover the strange past of his family. Most importantly the game features both single player as well as the multiplayer pc game for couples cooperative gameplay modes.

Gears Of War 5 Game Free Full Version Development & Release Date

The game first announced by The Coalition at E3 2018 press conference. Meanwhile, it released date is 10 September 2019 world wide. The game released as Gears Of War 5 For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Xbox Version, For PlayStation version and  For Android Mobiles. Moreover, after the successful release of the main the game the developers launched the event “Gears Esports San Diego Major Championship Sunday” on 08 December 2019. Later the team released the updated game pack with the title of Gears Of War 5 Game Of The Year Edition.

On 12 December 2019 the team released a big update for the main game with the title of “Operation 2 Free For All”. Similarly, on 26 January 2021 developers released the first DLC pack which is paid content with the name of “Hivebusters DLC Pack”. In addition, on 02 March 2021 “Operation 6” which is one of the biggest update for the game released world wide. In short the final updated of the game released on 18 October 2021 with containing Operation 8 with newly added versus event control system as well as Hive the Mines, major store updates, new gears and new skins.

Gears Of War V Free Full Version Game For Pc Gameplay

It is an action, adventure and fighting video game. The gameplay features many game elements from the previous installment in the series. The players at the start take control of the character of the main protagonist named Kait Daiz and outsider of Loctus outsiders. She try to save her mother and fights with many enemies including the main enemy named The Swarm. She has to lead the group of her friends which includes Delmont Walker, Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix, Shadoway and Fahza Chutani. All these characters assist Kait Daiz during his missions. Each of the included character has different abilities and roles to play in the game. A multiplayer coop mode added to play the game either online or locally with your friends.

The gameplay world features different territories like desert, sea, cities, building and the forests along with hills. Each of the place featuring different kind of weathers and unique enemies and animals. The environment of the game also features sci-fiction settings. Players use different travelling means to travel through the game like parachute, boats, ropes and vehicles. Each of the character posses his own weapons which has unique abilities. All the characters and weapons are upgrades through using the in game money. Many new weapons and other rewards found during the gameplay. At the end Kait Daiz has to fight against the main enemy The Swarm. After defeating the main enemy players awarded with experience points and in game rewards. It also unlocks new maps, missions, and weapons.

Gears 5 Pc Free Full Version Game Features
  • New characters added with new customization options.
  • Wide spread maps with unique environments
  • New enemy characters added with new weapons and abilities
  • Weapons added with full customization support.
  • New improved graphics quality at 4K HD resolution
  • Build your best team in PVP Mode
  • Play through several dangerous environments in the PVE Game Mode
  • Newly added accessibility features now allow you to customize your gaming experience to your play style.

Gears 5 Highly Compressed Game For Pc Reviews

Gears Of War 5 Highly Compressed Full Pc Game has received generally positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, Pc Gamer awarded the game with 80/100 rating points. On the other hand, IGN gave the game a score of 9.5/10. However, Metacritic awarded For Pc version with 85/100 and for android mobile version with 88/100 points. Most importantly, the game also achieved the commercial success in UK sales chart as it become the fifth most selling game in the first week of its release. Moreover, nearly 3 million players from around the globe played this game which shows how popular it was right at the start.

Similarly, many game critics sites also nominated it for several gaming awards. Like in 2019 the game win Best Xbox One Game from the Gamescom site. On the other hand, at Golden Joystick Awards 2019 this game won the Xbox Game Of The Year Award too. Titanium Awards site awarded this game with Best Action Game Of 2019 award.

Gears Of War V For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                   Windows 10
  • CPU                Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.0 GHz, AMD FX-6300 @ 3.4 GHz or Above
  • RAM               8 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk      40 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • Graphics       GeForce GTX-750 @ 2 GB VRAM, or AMD Radeon HD R7 @ 2 GB VRAM


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