Ghostwire Tokyo Full Pc Game Release Date, Gameplay, Reviews, System Requirements

Ghostwire Tokyo Full Pc Game Details

Play through the supernatural evil powers with tons of magical abilities who want to rule the Tokyo city and you are the only one who can save the city and its population. Ghostwire Tokyo Full Pc Game set in the fictional places of the Tokyo City. A strange group of evil powers who has masked themselves to hide their identity spread the virus and strange powerful spirits in the city who have vanished all the humans rapidly. Akito the main heroic character of the game has already a spirit in him which named KK a previous detective who was died in a mission. KK now want to uncover these evil powers and you as the main hero have to save the city by uncover the reasons and secrets behind all this.

Ghostwire Tokyo Full Pc Game

Japanese game studio named Tango Game Works developed Ghost Wire Tokyo Game. Meanwhile, Bethesda Softworks published the game world wide for PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S series as well as for Pc and android mobile users. There is only single player gameplay mode available in the game to play the game.

GhostWire Tokyo Pc Game Development & Release Date

Tango Games Works initially start the development of Ghost Wire Tokyo Full Game back in the year 2018. Meanwhile, Bethesda Studio first officially announced the game at E3 Press Conference in year 2019. The development team try their level best to make some changes to the traditional gameplay of the previous games which were horror and survival based. Now it is purely an action and adventure game with magical game mechanics. Initial game released on 25 March 2022 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S series, Pc Microsoft Windows and android mobile phone users. Along with the original game the development team also released GhostWire Tokyo Deluxe edition for the game lovers.

GhostWire Tokyo Game For Pc Full Gameplay Details

The story of the game is set in the open world environments and fictional places of Tokyo city. The incidents starts when a strange other world people with strange evil powers named “Visitors” attack the city and soon all the population started finish. They possesses the strange magical evil powers as well as quick fighting abilities. On the other hand, they also got a wide range of update new technology of weapons. These Visitors use their powers to spread the spirits with evil powers. Who obey their orders and destroy the humanity in the city. When the citizen disappear on any places. They just leave their clothes and the shopping bags or other objects which they have at that time. But the strange thing is that dogs did not have any impact from these evil souls.

Similarly, you as the heroic fighter character join the game by controlling the main fictional character of Akito. All the spirits who are wondering in the streets of tokyo city can not do anything with Akito. As he already possesses a special spirit of agent KK. Who was a detective and was killed during a mission against these evil powers who are behind this. You can use dogs feeds them become their companion and they will help you to uncover the secrets because they have seen all this happening. When you fight these evil souls you hit them or kill them award you the XP and in game cash. It used to upgrade the character customization features as well as abilities and weapons.

You have to explore and uncover the secrets about who is doing all that destruction in the city. On the other hand, during you mission Akito must fight these evil spirits with his magical abilities. You can use fire, water and other powers which the spirit of Agent KK has. Moreover, unlike these evil spirits you have the dual powers as human can wield weapons with the unique magical abilities of his spirits. Which make you attacks more stronger and powerful. Take care that when you are fighting with these evil spirits do not let your stamina meter deplete. As it may make the heroic character to move too slowly and these spirits can than kill you easily.

On the other hand, when these evil spirits stamina meter gets low they will get weak. And its you who has to attack them powerfully to finish them in just one hit. Soon you discover that there are some kind of unknown species wearing the Hannya Masks who are doing all this in the city. So you have to reach the master boss character. And finish his by using your weapons which you collect from these evil spirits. As well as you can use the super natural abilities of KK in the fights against the boss character. When you kill the boss it will make the citizens return back to the city and everything went fine in the city of Tokyo.

GhostWire Tokyo Full Game Reviews

When the game announced for an early access on Steam with the official teaser trailer. It received very positive reviews from all the gaming sites. Most importantly, Metacritics the largest review aggregator website awarded the game with a rating score of 85/100 reviews points. On the other hand, they praised the game’s unique idea of creating a new type of spirits and the combats of all the game. A spokesman from PcGamer said “when you start playing the game you will feel to like a high tech well equipped expert ninja exorcist. Who fighting and defeating in the battlefield against horde of spirits in the badass, and spell casting.

Ghostwire Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 10 64 Bit Version Only
  • CPU             Intel Core i7 CPU @ 4770K with 3.6 GHz, AMD Ryzen-5 @ 2600 or Above
  • RAM            12 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Hard Disk   24 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1060 @ 4 GB VRAM, AMD RX-5500 XT @ 4 GB VRAM


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