GTA 3 Pc Full Version Highly Compressed Game For Android Apk Details & Reviews

(Grand Theft Auto III) GTA 3 For Pc Highly Compressed Full Setup Exe Details & Reviews

10th Anniversary Edition now brings a new style of gameplay in the new set of locations with improve graphics in GTA 3 For Pc Highly Compressed. It is a famous best action and adventure game for both pc and android mobile players. Moreover, DMA Design Games Studio has developed this game. On the other hand, Rockstar Games Entertainment published it world wide for all gaming consoles. The main title has released firstly in year 2001 while a remastered  version released in year 2011. Moreover, the 10th anniversary edition of the game released world wide in October 2011. It is the 5th main installment in the Series. Meanwhile, the story and campaign is set in the fictional places of the city of Liberty City in New York City. Most importantly you can play the Grand Theft Auto III Highly Compressed Game in single player gameplay mode.

Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 For Pc Setup Exe Release Date Details

A development team of nearly 23 people start the development process in year 1999 after the successful release of the previous entry. Meanwhile GTA 3 For Pc Full Version Setup Windows 7, Windows 10 released world wide on 22 October 2001. Therefore, the entry released for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 versions in May 2002. On the other hand, the Xbox version released in October 2003. Similarly the team released GTA 3 Game For Android Mobile Apk version released in 2011. Right after the release of android mobile version the team now release the Grand Theft Auto III Remastered edition with new improved playing content with all the previous updated included in the game.

After that in the month of October 2011 the team celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game. So the also released the Grand Theft Auto III 10 Anniversary Edition for pc and android mobiles also. It generally looks the expanded version of the title has with so much new gameplay elements and expanded maps.

GTA 3  For Pc Full Version Setup Windows 7, 10 Gameplay Guide

Just  GTA 3 Setup Highly Compressed Pc which is an action and adventure pc video game in the all time famous best gta games. The players complete different mission, objectives and progress through the story. The players can run many missions at the same time because some of the missions require players to wait for some instructions after they complete the given tasks during the main mission. On the other hand, the players also can explore the gameplay world freely. While exploring the playing world the players can also complete the side missions and engage in side quests too. So, each of the side mission and quest rewards the players addition gameplay elements as well as progress through the main mission with the help of information they get by completing these small tasks.

The players can run, jump or use many vehicles to explore the playable world. Players use auto aim feature against different enemies during the combats. By the use of health pick ups the players regenerate the health meter if get any damage. If any  player commit any crime during the play the law enforcement agencies respond which indicated by the wanted meter in the head up display. If the players are hidden form the police the wanted meter enters the cooldown mode. By completing the activities and missions the players awarded with many rewards. Players also use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies. The missions now featured weapons includes Micro Uzi, M16 rifle and a flamethrower. Moreover, when you complete the mission and earn ingame money you can upgrade and buy the new weapons from the official store.

The players when reached to the main final target will have to dodge the guards places on security. There you have to apply your tactical moves by using the hack n slash playing elements and avoid the sight of the guards. If any guard notice your movement they will immediately attack you and the Alert System get activated. It will be shown in HUD and will be enter to the calm mode when you take cover and avoid their sight. As much blood shed you made will affect your rewards. As well as if you complete your mission silently you will earn more rewards. When you finish the final target and successfully exit the place. The players will win the level and will automatically move forward to the next  level.

New Added Features
  • New and improved graphics to provide a realistic gameplay experience to the players.
  • Along with old GTA characters new characters also added
  • Many ingame vehicles to navigate the gameplay map
  • Big vast maps which features many different locations.
  • Easy control support for all the platforms including mobile devices and pc.
  • Fantastic action and criminal activities full of shooting and fighting.
GTA 3 For Pc Highly Compressed Full Version Reviews

The has generally received critical acclaim. On Metacritic the entry has get 97/100 review points. GameSpot awarded the entry with a review rating score of 9.7 points out of 10. While IGN gave For Pc 9./10 points. Mostly the critics claim it as one of the best PlayStation 2 game of all times. On the other hand, the story of the campaigns along with new improved graphics and settings as well as its beautiful sounds and gameplay mechanics praised by the gaming review sites. However, some of the critics generally criticized the game because of its controls. Similarly, some of the players called it the game brilliant, innovative and outlandish type of game provide huge entertainment for a long time.

In year 2001 the title has also become the highest selling game in United States. It sold over two million copies till February 2002. The entry has also awarded a Diamond award in the United Kingdom with over one million sale and become the first to achieve this in the region.

It nominated in many gaming awards with winning many of them. The title has won Game Of The Year award at Game Developers Choice Awards. It nominated the Best PlayStation 2 Game by Game Revolution, GameSpot, GameSpy and IGN.

GTA 3 10th Anniversary Edition Game For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                   Windows-2000, Windows-Xp
  • CPU                 Pentium III @ 450 MHz CPU
  • RAM                96 MB RAM Required
  • Free Disk        500 MB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics        16 MB Direct 3D Video Card
  • DirectX           DirectX Version 8.1

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