Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) Pc Full Version Highly Compressed Game For Android Xbox 360 PS4

Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA 4 ) Pc Highly Compressed Game For Android

People who want to play best action games on android or on pc running windows 7 windows 8 or windows 10 or 11 will have surely listen about all time famous GTA Games. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto IV Full Version For all Windows operating systems is the most favorite game for everyone. Furthermore, the latest updated game version with the title of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition Pc Highly Compressed Game is the most favorite and trending setup exe file people find mostly now on internet in year 2022.

gta 4 grand theft auto iv highly compressed for pc full version setup exe Windows 7 Windows 10
GTA 4 Highly Compressed Pc Game

The original setup exe file when you get from any of the sites is normally upto 20 GB (20000 MBs). But the highly compressed pc game version or android version allow you to get the title for pc as well as for android apk in different small compressed zip or rar file formats. It helps you to take lower memory use on your computer or any android or iphone ios mobile devices and the title will run smoothly for you during missions. Like some best highly compressed pc gaming sites allow you to get the gta 4 highly compressed in 500 mb file size in setup exe only. On the other hand, some files also allow you to get the 70mb, 50 mg, or even in 12.9 mbs too.

You can imagine how good that is to save a lot of your time as well as your mbs. Meanwhile here i will recommend you to find gta 4 highly compressed for pc 32 mb 100% working file which i found best on internet today. However, its a lot better thing is you find the working license key .txt file along with the setup.

GTA IV The Complete Edition Highly Compressed Pc Game Full Details

Basically people who have already played any of the previous gta games may know that its a real time action adventure and role playing the stories for both pc and android or iphone mobiles. Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto has developed the entry and also published it world wide for all gaming console versions. It features the single player gameplay mode as well as the multiplayer online or offline local gameplay mode to play the game for friends couples or other players from round the world in a single mission. Its set in the open world environments and fictional simulation places of Liberty City which is a fictional city in the New York State. Moreover, Liberty City contains three main islands with unique places. And the main fictional heroic character of Niko Bellic is the main playable character in the game.

GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) Pc Highly Compressed Full Game Development & Release Date

In year 2004 after the successful release of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas the Rockstar Games immediately start the development process of GTA 4 Highly Compressed Game For Pc as well as for android apk version. However, the different version files released on different dates as it includes the different type of files for each of the game playing consoles. Meanwhile, For Xbox 360 and for PlayStation 3 Consoles released world wide on 29 April 2008. Furthermore, for Pc Microsoft Windows version for windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 and windows 11 versions for both 32, 86 bits and 64 bit released on 02 December 2008.

Similarly, GTA 4 The Complete Edition Highly Compressed for Pc and Android Apk published world wide by rockstar games on 24 March 2020. The title named as “Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition & Episodes From Liberty City”. Moreover, for the promotion of the game the company has adopted several events and methods for the advertisement of the title before its release world wide.

GTA 4 For Pc Full Version Setup Exe Install & Gameplay Guide

The players who get any format or file size of gta 4 for pc full version setup exe or for android apk file they must first extract the files on their computer hard drives. After the installation process the title will automatically run on your computers and may sometime asks for cd key or serial number txt file. It will unlock many of the essential files which you need to play the game.

Meanwhile to start the mission in it you first need to select the playing character of your choice with a different or unique look. The main fictional character named as Niko Belic who is a criminal and perform different activities all around the maps. Now you can select his costumes as well as skin tone and other body structure features. When the customization of your character is done its time to select the playing map and the gaming mode to play the game. Meanwhile it features a different type of settings when you are playing for pc windows 7 or windows 10. As well as for android apk has a different type of icons for the players to choose.

The players have to play the mission from a third persons perspective but on several levels you may shuffle to other gaming modes too. The main focus is to play through different playing levels and complete hard challenging missions. Which always required you to complete a unique type of tasks and objects. It helps you to progress through the game through the story mode by completing the small minor side objects. Moreover, the players may also involve in multiple missions to complete at once. As it provide some time for you to complete tasks on different maps. In addition when you are not playing and have time you can freely explore the whole world of Liberty city. You can visit and explore the buildings and streets and roads.

When the players start the level it begins from an island with Dukes and Broker. However, completing the minor side missions unlocks more islands buildings and roads to explore for the player on same map. However, each of the side quest you complete help you in your main mission in the story mode. Sometimes the enemy are in high security protection and guards with powerful weapons.

So to fight with them you must use the tactical melee attacks, fire arms. And explosives to fight with these enemies if they attack you. While on the other hand you can also use the ingame stealth features. It helps them to avoid the sight of enemies to reach your target silently. And finish the mission safely without making any blood shed. Auto aim and cover system are the best features for the players to attack the enemies. Or avoid the fights to complete missions silently.

Along with the special abilities Niko can also run, jump, lay down on the flor. Or swim through the waters during missions. To explore the widely spread open world niko use all his abilities as well as can use the ingame vehicles. Which he found on the roads. Sometimes during the missions the players may get damages from the enemies. If it happens it showed in the Health Meter which reduce immediately. But if you take cover and eat food or energy drinks it regenerate again in small time.

Similarly, if niko commit any type of crime during the missions the law enforcement agencies immediately response. And they start searching for the criminal. It show you in the HUD when Wanted Meter gets red it means police is searching for you now. But soon it will enter into the calm mode when you take cover and go so far from the cops.

When you play in the multiplayer online or offline local gameplay mode for couples. Or friends you can play upto 32 players in a single player campaign. However, each of the player has to work differently to complete the mission quickly. One more important thing which you must remember. That as low damages you take or as low damages you do. As high experience points and ingame points you will win in the game. At the end you have to finish the main high profile person who is your main target. When you finish it and leave the city it will award you the win in this level. And players now progress automatically to the next missions level and next map. It also unlocks new weapons, customization kits and new maps and levels for the players too.

GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV)  For Pc Full Version Setup.exe Highly Compressed Game Reviews

GTA 4 For Android Full Version No Verification version generally received very positive reviews from the critics of all gaming review websites. Meanwhile, the biggest review aggregator website Metacritics awarded The Complete Edition with a review rating score of 98/100 review points for the Microsoft Windows pc version. On the other hand, it gave the Xbox 360 console version a score of 85/100 review points. Meanwhile, the PlayStation version of the title received average review rating score of only 75/100 points. On the other hand, IGN awarded this entry with a perfect review rating score of 10/10 reviews points. Similarly, on GameSpot review scores it get 9/10 reviews from their gaming critics.

Most importantly it get a huge commercial success and also become the highest selling title in 24 hours. As well as break the Guinness World Records on 13 May 2018. Similarly, it also become the fastest selling title on UK Sales Charts. By selling 631000 physical title copies in just 24 hours. Moreover, Rockstar Games stated that this title has sold over 20 million physical copies world wide till March 2011. Which reached upto 25 million copies world wide till July 2013. The fact that it also nominated for many gaming award till 2022. And won many awards shows that how famous this entry is till now. It won the Spike TV Game Awards, Giant Bomb Best Game Award, Kotaku & GameTrailers Game Of The Year Awards.

Grand Theft Auto IV Highly Compressed Game For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • CPU             AMD Athlon X2 CPU @ 2.4 GHz or Above, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 2.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM           1 GB RAM Required
  • DirectX      At Least 9.0C Supported Video Cards
  • Free Disk  At Least 22 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics   NVIDIA GeForce GTX-7900 @ 256 MB VRAM, ATI Radeon X-1900 @ 256 MB VRAM


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