GWENT The Witcher Card Game For Pc Reviews

GWENT The Witcher Card Pc Game Free is generally a card deck building strategy game. CD Projekt Red Games developed and published the game world wide for all game console versions. Different cards features different characters belongs from a unique faction. Most importantly, the game allow the players to paly the game either online or offline in single player and multiplayer gameplay modes.

GWENT The Witcher Card Game Pc Release Date

Initially the game development begun in the early 2016 and over 100 developers work on the project. Meanwhile, the Demo Beta Version released on 06 May 2017. On the other hand, it released on 19 May 2020. It released for Pc, Xbox One, PS4, and Android mobile devices.

GWENT The Witcher Card Game For Pc Gameplay

GWENT The Witcher Card Game is a free playable, PvP, strategy, simulation, card-building and RPG game. It features most unique turn-based card building system Recruit cost where two players can play at the same time. Main warriors defined as Yennefer and Geralt from the most playable heroic characters with unique weaponry and magic skills. Meanwhile, the game brings three rounds and single player must win at least two of them.

Thus, he or she will catch more in-game powers in the game to gain upgrade for the chosen character. Each player is holding his official card deck that contains maximum twenty five cards. Single card deck features a system called faction that utilized to bring custom changes in playing style of a player. Besides that, cards introduced in four classes as Golden, Bronze, Silver and Leaders.

Leader, unlike other cards, is not available for playing. However, it helps the players to avail some special combat skills. As well as, it explains the attempt chance that player can utilize to change his foul attacks into successful one. More than that, single player can stock maximum precious cards as gold and silver he gains during the battle matches. Siege actions for blasting the enemies not allowed,

However, it altered with the options of Melee Row and Ranged Row. Winning in the rounds fetches chances to gain more card boxes which named Meteorite Dust, Kegs, Ore and Escape. While on the go. a brand new supportive option of Daily Rewards that work to supply the players some of special powers on their activity base. Playable modes found with the title of Challenges, Rank Play, Casual Play, Arena, Practice Match and Friends Match.

Added Key Features In GWENT The Witcher Card Free Full Pc Game
  • Turn-based card deck system enables the player to keep twenty five cards at the same time
  • Factions are the part of card decks that help the players to achieve more in-game points
  • Playable cards bring four special classes of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Leader
  • Players not intended to keep limited gold and silver coins and can increase their quantity
  • Game points formed in special types known as power that won during the combat matches
  • Daily rewards granted that carrying special power ups
  • Game modes of Rank Play, Arena, Friends Match, and Challenges bring competitive gameplay

GWENT The Witcher Card Full Pc Game Reviews

It the initial release on Steam the game generally received very positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, on Steam it got 9.5/10 rating points. On the other hand, Metacritics awarded the game with 85/100 rating points. Furthermore, IGN awarded it with 4.5/5 star ratings. It also nominated for game awards and won “Best Polish Game Award” in year 2019.

GWENT The Wither Card Game System Requirements
  • OS              Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64 Bit Version Only)
  • CPU           Intel Core i3 Processor @ 2.8 GHz, AMD Athlon FX-6300 @ 3.0 GHz
  • RAM          4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk   48 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-780 @ 2 GB VRAM, AMD Radeon R7 @ 2 GB VRAM

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