Halo 2 Pc Game Free Full Version Reviews

Halo 2 Pc Game Free Full Version: is a well known Shooting and action game themed as a combat. The developer of this game are Bungie Games on the other hand the publishers are Microsoft Games Studio. Who published this game throughout the world. The publishers published this game for almost all gaming consoles. Furthermore, this game is is the Second of this adventurous game series halo. And it is next to the Halo combat evolved game which was introduced in the year 2001. Multiplayer gameplay mode and Single player game play mode both are available in this game. A player can play alone and with the teammates as well. Also, features offline game access and online game play easily.

Halo 2 Free Full Game Release Date, Updates & DLC Details

In the start of year 2001 the developer made efforts to design and develop this Halo 2 Game Free initially for pc. After this, they started the development of this game and eventually after 3 years the development accomplished. In year 2004 on the date 9th of November it released for specific platforms. These platform are Microsoft Windows for PC and Xbox. Moreover, new material in the game added with the usual updates and modification.

At the beginnings the developers face a lot of bugs and errors along with much of the game vulnerabilities which make hackers to effects the game performances. Later as the developers added new content to the game they also fixed all these problems too. Initially, the much improved two version of game published with a lot of improvements. It named as “Remastered High Definition Version” and ” The Master Chief Collection”. Later another update of the game with the title of “Anniversary Edition” also released world wide.

Full Guide To Halo 2 Pc Game Free Full Version Gameplay

Halo 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game provides an adventurous gameplay and action gaming access you to fire and kill the enemy. Also a player can use a tank or other armed vehicles to attack the monsters and enemies. Each player has strong and dangerous weapons and attacking tools. The level proceeds as the player move ahead destroying the enemies bunch. Also, a player makes a shield around it which is bullet proof and diminishes with continuous attacks. If the player finishes the enemy then when no fire strikes the shield it regenerates. Player have also grenades to attack the enemy strongly and powerful attacks. At least eight hand grenades are accessible for as player with which he destroys the powerful enemy.

When a player starts the game he possess two weapon with him to defend and attack. Moreover, these weapons has respective powers and useful capabilities. Also a player can snatch any attacking vehicle by pulling out his driver. He enters the vehicle and drives it and move ahead killing down the enemies in this way the level proceeds. The level of game and difficulties are directly proportional. In this way, the player also uses armed vehicles and tanks to attack and demolish the enemy.

Halo 2 For Pc comprises a story mode as well. In this mode there are a number of missions consecutively. A mission accomplished and at the same time the next starts instantly. Four levels with respective difficulties are also available. These are easy normal and heroic as well as legendary level is also available. These level are specific in their characteristics of difficulties comprising strong enemies. Amazingly, with the hardships in levels a player achieves respective rewards and extra points on completing the level and mission. In the game during proceeding there are numerous elements and materials which are on the specific places and are hidden. Player find and equip these weapons and use these. While skulls are also in the game which a player picks up for increasing his currency for updating character and weapons. The game also allows the complete customization.

How Well The Halo 2 Free Full Pc Game Reviews

Halo 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game generally received critical acclaim from the critics. Mainly, critics praised the old fashioned but the unique gameplay style of the game like its predecessors. On the other hand, It fast paced shooting fights, new fighter jets and vehicles as well as new characters also praised by the critics. Metacritic awarded Pc version with 72/100 points and Xbox version with 95/100 points. GameSpot gave the game 9.4/10 excellent points. While IGN awarded Game with 9.8/10 points. However, it was criticized the Campaign Mode because of its shortness which did not make the game much challenging for the players.

The game received over 38 game awards according to xbox.com. It also nominated for many game awards. It won Console Game Of The Year Award, Best First Person Action Shooting Game Of The Year, Best Multiplayer Online Game for couples Award and Outstanding Achievement In Sound Design awards.

On the other hand the game got a commercial success for bungie by achieving the most famous Xbox Live game at its release. Till year 2007 the game sold over 7 million copies world wide for all platforms. Later in the year 2009 developers stared that the total sale of the game crossed the 15 million figure across all platforms world wide.

Halo 2 For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                   Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • CPU                Pentium 4 class processor @ 2 GHz or over
  • RAM               1 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk      7 GB Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics         DX9 Card, WDDM Driver, PS 2.0/32 BPP, NVIDIA 6000, ATI x700 or Above


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