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Halo Wars 2 Pc Free Full Version Game is a sci-fiction, role playing, action, adventure, shooting, survival strategy machinery fighting game. 343 Games Industries and Creative Assembly development teams in collaboration with each other developed this game for all console versions. It is set in near future 2559 where aliens attack the earth and you have to fight against them to save the world. Meanwhile, It is the sequel to Halo War Game previously released entry in the series in year 2009. Furthermore, the game is set in the fictional space themed simulation and randomly generated places of the traditional city of Halo Franchise. Most importantly, its one of the best multiplayer game for couples on pc which allow upto six players to engage in a single campaign. On the other hand, you can also play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode.

Halo Wars 2 Pc

Halo Wars 2 Pc Game Release Date

Creative Assembly Games in collaboration with 343 Games Industries started the development of Halo Wars 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game in the year 2014. However, it first officially announced by the team at an event at GamesCom during a press conference. Moreover, at E3 2016 the official trailer released with a short game first look and showing the controls and characters. Finally, it released world wide on 21 February 2017 for all gaming console versions. Meanwhile, it released for Pc Microsoft Windows, Xbox One version, Xbox 360 version, PlayStation 4 console and Linux version and macOS version.

Halo Wars 2 Pc Gameplay

Halo Wars 2 Torrent is mainly features a survival, role playing, shooting action and adventure gameplay elements for its players. You as the commander has to take the responsibility to save the world when overwhelming alien species with powerful weapons invaded the earth to destroy the humans and take control over all the earth resources. You have to build your own millitary squad with upto six players in one campaign and fight against these enemy creatures attacking on your from all directions.

At the start you can select the difficulty level to engage in a campaign and it surely affect the activities you perform during several military missions which you perform with your team against these alien forces. Each of the player perform differently according to your command. You have to deploy the right person at the right place with right time tactically to successfully win a game level. Like if you need the air support your team mates have to come flying a jet plane and start bombing on these aliens. Or if they are still coming in big numbers you have to wait to attack them and when they get together its easy for you to throw a bomb at them to finish them at once.

You establish your own military bases which later use to recruit new soldiers and for their training. Similarly, as the commander of your force its your duty to look after for their rest and healthy food. Therefore, you establish colonies and shelters which used for them to live in peace. But, remember you also have to maintain proper security for your colony. Because these aliens’ can attack your forces at any time. On the other hand, all the missions set on the different locations. And each locations represents a different type of enemy faction.

You collect the dropped guns and materials when you successfully kill an enemy. Similarly it also give you the in game points which later used to upgrade several game components. After you successfully finish the aliens on a map it award you and your squad the win of that level. It also increase the character stats and abilities.

Newly Added Features In Halo Wars II Free Full Pc Game
  • Build your own army
  • Construct your powerful military base
  • Form your skillful army
  • Establish your buildings
  • Make research centers and search for new technologies.
  • Use many in game war vehicles during your missions.
  • Rock Paper Scissor system introduced to counter attack an enemy.
  • Newly added maps like Frontier, Saintry, Ashes And Rift.
  • 12 new mission added like A new enemy, One Three Zero, From the deep and Hold the line.

Halo Wars II Free Full Pc Game Reviews

Right from the release Halo Wars 2 Apk For Android received very positive critics reviews from all the game review sites. Most importantly, Metacritics the biggest review aggregator website. Awarded the game with a score of 75/100 review points for microsoft window pc version. On the other hand, the awarded the game for Xbox One with a review score of 80/100 points. Similarly, the critics from IGN awarded it with a score of 8/10 critics review score. More importantly, as one of the best multiplayer pc game for couples it also nominated in many gaming awards but unfortunately it did not win any award till now in 2021.

Halo Wars 2 Pc Game System Requirements

  • OS                   Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64 Bit + 86 Bit)
  • CPU                 Intel Core i5-2500, AMD FX-4350 or Above
  • RAM                4 GB RAM Required or Above
  • Hard Disk      25 GB Free Hard Disk Space or Above
  • Graphics         NVIDIA GeForce GTX-650, AMD Radeon HD-7550 or Above

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