Hellpoint Full Pc Game Reviews

Hellpoint Full Pc Game Reviews

Hellpoint Full Pc Game is a science fiction, soul role playing actin and adventure pc game. Cradle Games Entertainments developed and Tiny Build Ltd published the game world wide for all game console versions. The game is set on the space station named Lrid Novo. Players must fight with the unknown species of creatures and safely survive from the space station. The game features both single player as well as the multiplayer gameplay modes for the players.

Hell Point Pc Game Release Date Details

The development of the game begun in the year 2017. However, it fist announced in April 2017 at the Kickstarter Campaign. Meanwhile, the short gameplay demo version named Hellpoint: The Spin Feast released on 20 February 2020 world wide on Steam. However, the game released world wide on 01 August 2020. The game released as Hellpoint For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Linus, For MacOS, PlayStation 4 versions, Xbox One version, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Along with the main game the music of the game contains several paid sound tracks and digital artbook also published world wide on 30 July 2020.

Hellpoint Game For Pc Full Gameplay Help

Hellpoint Pc Game is an action, survival, shooting, role-playing, RPG, science fiction, and adventure game. The players pick the command on a human character. He is trying to deflect the enemy strikes and find survival options. Meanwhile, enemies are unknown creatures playing bad role of protecting mysterious secrets which spread in near the black hole spots. The whole story-line revolves around a space station Irid Novo which situated near a black hole. The space station is movable, revolves around a hole black and this moment bring procedural generated events. More than that, it also creates the reason of massive attack by monsters, skeletons and unknown creations. Collected combat power inside the station helps the player reducing the impact caused by enemy attack. Moreover, the players are carrying the ability to handle heavy or lite weapons to knock down small and giant enemies.

Their special weapons include sharp swords, flame thrower, magical spells, mysterious rays. When any enemy became dead during the battle times, he regains birth after a specific time. On the other side, the human players can also use healing tools twice in the combat field to perform extended role in the gameplay. Strike power of human and level of damage upon enemies improve the healing power. The journey continued in the space fields while exploring the deep secrets and resolving them. Many portions of that space station locked and players can break the heavy doors by jumping tactics enter the restricted areas.

Single-player and multiplayer modes brought where the players can choose single playable character or build teamwork to fill the in-game missions. More then that, playing game via active online connections enabled to bring more real players from human world and complete co-op matches. After that, collected perks and experience points divided according to single player’s performance.

All The Added Key Features In Hellpoint Full Pc Game
  • Fast-paced character moves to apply better striking and survival tactics and win war goals against foes
  • Battles arranged in a space station where ark climate surrounds and a spot light leads the player
  • Enemies sorted in various types of unknown creatures to notify the horror them or game
  • Mission is to reveal the secrets that found near a black hole and kill their protective evils
  • Rotation of black hole bring randomly generated events where massive secrets await for the player
  • Ancient timed sharp weapons and science fiction spells used to hunt enemies
  • Opponents gain the ability to respawn after specific time period when they died during the combat
  • Special healing item granted to the human players and its level improved when they convey foes a massive loss
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes are two different modes where solo playing or teaming up allowed
  • The game is playable offline or online and many players can participate in warship to complete the hard missions easily
Hellpoint Pc Game Reviews From Critics

It received average or positive reviews from the critics at the initial release. The game received 65/100 rating points from Metacritics. On the other hand, On Steam the game got 7/10 rating points. Furthermore, IGN awarded the game with 6/10 points.

Hellpoint For Pc System Requirements Details
  • OS               Windows 10
  • CPU             Intel Core i3 or above
  • RAM            4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk   10 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     DirectX Version 11 Supported, NVIDIA GeForce GTX-760 @ 1 GB VRAM

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