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Hitman 2 Pc Free Full Game

Hitman 2 Full Pc Game: is a famous stealth and action adventure tactical spy role playing pc game. IO Games Interactive develop this game. Meanwhile, Warner Bros Pvt publish the game worldwide for pc, PS4 and Xbox One version consoles. The story of the game is based on a expert spy and detective who travel through out the world for the killing of high profile criminals with high security. Meanwhile, the key added places includes miami, mumbai, colombia and several location of New Zealand. Furthermore, it is the 7th main installment in the Hitman Video Game Series and also the direct sequel of the 2016 previously released game Hitman 1. Most importantly, the Hitman II game features both single player as well as the multi player gameplay modes either playing online or offline locally.

Hitman 2 Pc Download

Hitman 2 Full Pc Game Release Date

Developers first officially announced the game on 07 June 2018 at E3 Press Conference in New York. Meanwhile, players who have pre-ordered the game get the Hitman II Collectors Edition and Gold Edition on 9 November 2018 four days before the normal game release. Lastly, Hitman 2 Full Game For Pc release date worldwide is 14 November 2018. The game is released for Pc version for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Later several new content elements like new criminal characters, weapons, and rewards added in the game through DLC Update Packs.

Hitman 2 Pc Game Full Gameplay

The players take the role as Agent 47 a very intelligent and sharp minded spy. He is a contract assassin who is working for the international contract agency. And travels to various other locations round the world to finish the high profile targets. There are 6 main missions included newly in the game. These missions are set in six different locations. In one mission in Miami Agent 47 must assassinate one of driver and her father. In another mission in Colombia he has to kill the leaders of a local cartel. On 23 October 2018 four other new chapters containing new missions announced to Hitman 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game. These locations includes, Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont suburb and Sgail in North Atlantic.

On the other hand, unlike the previous entry this game newly now provide many new and useful interesting gadgets which used during several hard challenging missions. Briefcase also included in this game which can use to carry large weapons like sniper rifles. It also assist the  playing character to carry a vast destruction bombs, grenades. The Cooperative Multiplayer Gameplay Mode allow the players now allow the player to play the game along with other players online or with their friends. It gave them the task to eliminate the criminal targets which hide them selves on a specific protected place by using sniper rifle within a short given time limit. Furthermore, Agent 47 also can play as Knight and Stone and have the access of unique ammo types by switching between the characters at anytime of the game.

On the other hand, in the Ghost Multiplayer Online Mode the players must kill given 5 criminal high profile targets before any other to win the round. In the time limit missions Sean Bean the British Actor appears and players must kill him as the first target in the game. Meanwhile a new mode also added named as Sniper Assassin’s. In which the player has to kill the target within a set time. The players can only use sniper rifles during this mission. After the completion of every mission player got many rewards and in game money. Mainly there are seven different chapters added in the game. And each of the chapter give different character to finish to complete the chapter. After completing each chapter the players automatically move forward to the next chapter with different mission and setting with different difficulty level.

Hitman 2 Full Free Game Reception

According to Metacritic this hitman game generally received favorable reviews. Metacritic gave the game Pc version a score of 84/100, PS4 version 81/100 and Xbox One 82/100 points. It was a part in to ten of UK sales chart at the release. On the other hand, the game sold over 15000 game copies for PS4 console just in the first week of its release in Japan. However, it sold nearly 10000 copies in the first month for all consoles in United States. On the other hand, it also won the game award for “Best 3D Control Design Game” award from Reviewers Awards 2018. Similarly, the game nominated for other game awards and finishing up at runners up in those publication awards.

Hitman 2 Free Full Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                   Windows 7 (64 Bit), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU                 Intel CPU Core i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz/ AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
  • RAM                8 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk        60 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics          NVIDIA GeForce GTX-660/ Radeon HD-7870

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