Mindseize Full Pc Game Reviews

Mindseize Full Pc Game Reviews

Mindseize Full Pc Game is basically classical 2D action adventure science fiction fighting game. Kamina Dimensions developed and publish the game world wide for Pc as well as for Xbox and PS4 consoles. The game story is based on the private detective named For MC who investigates a strange organizations activities which belongs to a strange planet and involved to stole the minds of the humans for unknown purposes. Moreover the players can play the game either alone in single player gameplay mode as well as in the multiplayer online game mode with friends.

MindSeize Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

Initially, the game project begun in the month of January 2017. Mainly 12 crew members started the development process. The process took two years to complete the game. Meanwhile, the game alpha version released on 06 October 2019 with limited content to play. Finally, the game released on 07 February 2020 world wide. It released as MindSeize For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For PS4, For Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions. Later developers also publish the sound tracks and the Digital Art Book containing additional game content and some fixes made for the game in the month of March 2020.

Mind Seize Pc Gameplay

Mindseize Pc Game is a science fiction, Metroidvania, 2D, robotic and adventure game. Featuring part of the game is single-player where one player can perform solo or quests finished by the help of a combat squad. Main playable character M.C.Fox that turned out to be a robotic machine and fighting against a criminal militia known as The Ascended. He traveled in various planets with a science fiction climate to recover his daughter Taryn’s Mind.

A map leads the warriors during the playtime and gives them easy access to explore the open universe as well as indicate the exact location of his daughter mind. This kind of mission brings a competitive situation where players face the need to team up and gain war benefits against foes. Their united forces altered them from human into a robotic combat group which named MAG in the game. Fights are fast paces and players attacks with the rocket launcher, energy rays, laser guns, and blasting grenades made to destroy the enemy basis.

Bosses from the enemy troops also included where players utilized their AI to block heavy attacks by them. Completing various easy or hard missions, unique kinds of weapons, in-game perks, and abilities added to the players inventory. Moreover, the chat system works to exchange the word on the current situation during fight times or usually when players seem busy in exploration. Meanwhile, the players roam in four unique planets to explore secret places where their missions against the opponents asked to be completed.

On the other hand, longer missions added to maintain the thrilling taste of the game where the playing sessions went longer up to ten hours. On the second, progress in the course of the game brings special XP that sold to gain new weaponry and unlock new battle campaigns. Finally, customization feature allows the players to insert favorite changes in the look of weapons and warriors look.

Added Key Features In MindSeize Pc Game

  • single player mode added where the solo player can perform or some players allowed for teaming up a combat squad
  • vast and open universe brought to the game’s walkthrough and players access them while managing their progress
  • Robotic fights held where player utilize science fiction weapons including rocket launchers, grenades to defeat opposite troops
  • Survival and striking tactics made with the use of Artificial intelligence
  • Enemy bosses found on the walkthrough of the game to present a competitive way of playing.
  • Chat features brings the facility to connect the players with other team m embers and get info about the war situations
  • Game levels with long playable sessions up to the ten hours that change it in more thrilling experience and enjoyable
  • Particular experience points earned when the players claim victory against big enemy bosses
  • Buying new weapons and their upgrade available when players spent their XP to change their playing style in the battlefield
  • Easy and latest items are available for character and weapon customization to makeover their look in favorable look
MindSeize Full Pc Game Critics Reviews

At the release the game received average reviews from the critics. Critics praised the gameplay pace and the atmosphere of the game. On the other hand, they criticise the low game content and a little number of enemy monsters. Generally it received 7/10 review rating points in the early access on Steam. On the other hand, Game Spot awarded this game with 6/10 points.

MindSeize Pc System Requirements
  • OS              Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU            Intel Core i3 or Better
  • RAM          4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk  8 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics   NVIDIA GeForce GTX-880 @ 2 GB VRAM or Better

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