Monster Hunter World Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Monster Hunter World Pc Free Full Game: is an action and fighting role playing Hunting Game. It is developed and Published by Capcom. It is the part of the Monster Hunter Games series. It features both single player as well as the multi player gameplay modes for the players who want to play this game. Furthermore, Game uses a very advanced and reliable MT Framework Engine. On the other hand the game set in the simulation fictional places of New World Country.

Monster Hunter World Pc Free Full Game

Monster Hunter World Full Pc Game  Development & Release Date

The game is released on 26 January 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. While Pc version for Microsoft Windows released on 9 August 2018.

Monster Hunter World Full Game For Pc Gameplay

The Game is set in an open world. It played form the third person perspective. Meanwhile, the players take the control of a role created by the players as a hunter. And travel to a New World features different forests, mountains, rivers and caves and all with full of monsters. His main task is to catch these monster or kill them. After catching or killing each of the creature the players awarded with rewards as well as the new weapons, tools and abilities. The character joins the Research Commission that study the land from their central command base Astera. The players use these monsters which he caught for many kind of research purposes.

In Monster Hunter World Highly Compressed a player equipped by sword, bow or hammer and a piece of armor. Some of the equipment can purchased by spending in game money. The players also get the equipment by trapping the monsters, completing the quests. Getting more equipment improves the strength of the players and help him in facing more powerful and strong monsters. Some of the unique crafted weapons from the creatures and monsters helps a lot in the further missions.

The gameplay map of New World divided into six different regions. Each of the region features different environmental challenges to the players. In addition each region also contain the monsters and zombies which are different in nature from each other. The health meter displayed on the main menu. If the player get any damage from the monster during the fights the meter reached at zero and the player than shifted to the base camp. Soon the player get recovered with getting low rewards. But if a player do so for three times than the mission fails and the player has to start it again form the beginning.

New Added Features In Monster Hunter World Free Full Pc Game
  • Fourteen different old fashioned weapons included
  • Powerful and gigantic monsters and zombies with different abilities and attacking styles.
  • Different newly added tools like, Slinger and  Mantle.
  • Health bar including the health restoration items to gain health quickly.
  • Different gaming modes added for both single player and multiplayer campaigns.

Monster Hunter World Full Pc Game Reviews

The Game generally received positive reviews from the critics. According to Metacritics the game Pc version get 88/100 points. PlayStation 4 version get 90/100 and Xbox One version get 90/100 from Metacritics. GameSpot awarded the game with 8/10 points. And IGN gave the game  a score of 9.5/10.

Meanwhile, Famitsu announced that over One million copies were sold in Japan in just three days of Game release. On the other hand, after two week of its release Capcom announced that the game has sold 6 million copies world wide. In addition, the game nominated for many game awards. Moreover, the game also won Golden Joystick Awards award of Best Co-operative Game.

Monster Hunter World For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                     Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 Bit)
  • CPU                 Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.20 GHz or AMD FX-6300
  • RAM                8 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     20 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce GTX-760 And AMD Radeon R7-260x @ 2 GB VRAM

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