Path of Exile Free Full Version Pc Game Reviews

Path of Exile Free Full Version Pc Game is a shooting, survival, action, adventure and fighting game. Grinding Gear Ltd developed and published game worldwide. Most importantly both single player as well as the multiplayer game play modes added to play this game.

Path of Exile Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

The game released on 23 October 2013 worldwide. Meanwhile It released as Path of Exile for Pc Microsoft Windows and for Android Apk. On the other hand, it also released as Xbox version, macOS version, Linux version and Play Station version.

Path of Exile Free Pc Game Full Gameplay

Path of Exile Highly Compressed Pc Game is an action, shooting, strategy, survival and simulation game. Players choose the character of exiles and struggled hard to gain combat strength. You entered in vast world where death standing on every step. Different fighting jobs added to increase the charm and entertainment of game. Players allowed to choose their fight styles at the beginning. These includes as witch, ranger, templar or magician. Weapon related to modern times totally removed. So magic spells and mysterious powers used to provide damage to the other opponent players.

On other other hand, flaming arrows and sharp sword used to knock down the powerful opponent players. Female fighters also added to provide more excitement in the game. Bright feature is customization where players allowed to change their overall appearance and environment. While playing the game online allowed where daily missions added to test the abilities of players. Building a fight squad also allowed. Teams controlled by a strong fighter who releases orders to combine the strengths of players.

Many different outfits that players wear to spread different infections and hide from the sight of enemies. Meanwhile, trade activities allowed to increase economical power of player’s state. As well, earnings used to empower the combat strength and defending skills. Progress in the game indicated by a skill tree. All of the combat actions held in dim lights to test the fighting abilities and skills of players. When the players reached at the end, they gained in-game prizes and loots. These spent to reach new fight heroes, weapons and missions.

Newly Added Features In The Path Of Exile Free Pc Game
  • Six available classes to choose character and start the game.
  • Each class with different characteristic features, abilities and weapons.
  • Different in game items available with much useful and improved qualities.
  • Skill Gems included to use as the in game money.
  • Full characters customization support available
  • Many new and challenging missions added
  • PVP tournaments, Capture the Flag, Race events and much more challenges added.

Path Of Exile Full Version Pc Game Reviews

The game generally received very positive reviews from the critics. The game get 86/100 points for Pc version from Metacritic. Meanwhile Metacritic awarded the game Xbox version with 84/100 points. On the other hand IGN awarded the game with 9/10 points.

Path Of Exile Pc System Requirements

  • OS                     Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU                 Intel Core 2 Duo or X86 compatible CPU @ 2.6 GHz or Above
  • RAM                2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk     20 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce 7800, ATI Radeon HD X1950 or Above

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