Pocket Rogues Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Pocket Rogues Full Pc Game  is a 2D graphical, action, survival pc game. Ether Gaming developed and published this game worldwide. The game supports both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes to play the game. It mainly focused on dungeon crawling and monster fights.

Pocket Rogues Pc Game

Pocket Rogues Pc Game Release Date

Pocket Rogues Highly Compressed Pc Game is released on 25 October 2018 worldwide by Ether Gaming. Meanwhile, it release  for Pc Microsoft Windows version. On the other hand, For Linux version, Xbox version, macOS version and android mobiles also published. The first halloween update for the game released on 20 October 2018. It add nearly 15 new armors as well as over ten new hats with unique abilities.

Furthermore, the team also released other updated game packs as well as DLC packs with new game content. On 29 December 2019 the new update of the game with the title of Christmas Update Pack. Moreover, on 23 May 2020 the first major and big update released with many multiplayer gameplay mode for couples and coop mode. The final update of the game released on 19 October 2021.

Pocket Rogues Full Pc Game Free Gameplay

Pocket Rogues Game Free Full Version For Pc is a new action, 2D improved graphical, adventure and violent fighting game. Meanwhile, The player of the game explored an open and real world where they stuck in monster and cruel enemies. These locations contains many kind of dungeon and dark and hidden place. Many full of adventure and hardest levels added contains different type of monsters. On the other hand, Each level is locked which needs to be unlocked. When player completes any mission, next level unlocked automatically.

Pocket Rogues Highly Compressed players with great skills and carrying more advance lethal weapons used as RPG fire damages a lot of enemies from a wide range. On the other hand, New and upgraded characters are added now. However, Each of the character features its own fighting style and abilities. When players captures and hit new enemy, rewarded with a lot of in game bonus. Difficulties in different shape and obstacles placed on the way of players to test their abilities as a super hero. Meanwhile, Most hard and best practice brings a lot of experience that  is used to reach new maps, upgrade players skills and change the combat style. On the other hand, Graphics of game designed more accurately that player seems fighting in a real world.

Added Features In Pocket Rogue Game
  • Gameplay allow the players to move freely to any direction in order to collapse with any of the deadly dangerous obstacles.
  • Different hero characters with unique fighting abilities and fighting weapons to use in their missions.
  • During the crawling of dungeons every place has different monsters and different challenges.
  • Progression system introduced to unlock new character classes, empower the existing characters and upgrade many other game elements and maps.
Pocket Rogue Full Pc Game Reviews

Generally the game Pocket Rogues Torrent receive very positive reviews from the many critics. However, On Steam For Pc got 8.5/10  points. While the game get 4.5/5 rating points from Super Game Droid.

Pocket Rogues Full Game For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU               Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM              4 GB RAM
  • Free Disk      2 GB Free Hard Disk
  • Graphics       GeForce 820 or Better

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