Project Hastur Free Full Pc Game Reviews

Project Hastur Free Full Pc Game is an adventure, shooting, action, strategy and Indie game. Polymorphic Games developed this game. While Polymorphic Game University Of Idaho published the game worldwide. The game is set on an alien planet where a vast variety of species of aliens with different mods and abilities exists. You as the player compete with enemies in 3D tower defense and real time strategy fights using the sci fiction objects and weapons. Both single and multiplayer pc games features available to play through gameplay modes for couples or friends to play this game.

Project Hastur Full Pc Game

Project Hastur Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

Project Hastur Full Pc Game released on 12 February 2019. It released for Pc Microsoft Windows version, Android Apk, macOs version, Linux version and Xbox version.

Project Hastor Free Game For Pc Full Gameplay

It is a sci-fiction adventure, action, Indie and survival game. Human beings faced a new kind of danger which coming towards them rapidly because aliens got heavy and overpower weapons enough to destroy the whole world. Meanwhile you as a players carrying most unique powerful weapons and emerging skills takes the responsibility to stop these aliens forces. Players performed in different fighting style s while playing the game.

Project Hastur Highly Compressed Characters of game designed in form of both human kinds and fighting robots Not to fight only with using guns and rocket launchers, they also have support of fighter jets bombing at a huge wave of enemies. Meanwhile, game provide the ability to players for building defense towers and posts. On the other hand, players can upgrade these defensing positions in each level. Furthermore, As player achieved success in a mission, the next levels unlocks with much more difficulties in it. Moreover, In the new levels more powerful and in more numbers the aliens with very powerful weapons attack the players.

On the other hand, Most new and challenging levels with different difficulties added to enhance the abilities and fighting spirit of players. Meanwhile, the game included to basic mode to learn the basics and increase the excitement of players. However, At the beginning the players can choose one of them. In experiment mode players do  practice for playing in free mood. In addition, different game elements collected during the game and also can be collected as loot items after eliminating the opponent forces.

Awsome Features Added In Project Hastur Free Full Pc Game
  • Full customization freedom to create your character, map, and aliens
  • Unique challenging levels with full 3D visuals
  • Different species of aliens and creatures added, each featuring different abilities and moves or attacking styles.
  • Battle through the campaign mode or know about the game in the practice mode.
  • Full customization support to upgrade all of the game components.
  • Experiment mod serve the players as the training gameplay mode.
  • Campaign Mode now allow the players to engage in a series of combats with fast paced fights.

Project Hastur For Pc System Requirements

  • OS                   Windows 7, Windows 8
  • CPU                Intel core i3 Processor or Better
  • RAM              1 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk     2 GB Free Hard Space
  • Graphics      DX10 supported shader model 4.0 or better

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