Rebirth Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Rebirth Pc Free Full Game is a strategy, shooter, survival pc game. Pandora Entertainment Developed and published this game world wide for all platforms. The story of the game belongs to a boy facing coma named Toby and his companion cat named Leo. Now experience the real time breath taking combats with full HD 3D graphics quality. Both single and multiplayer pc games gameplay for couples modes as well as single player online and offline modes included to play the Game.

Rebirth Full Pc Game

Rebirth Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

Rebirth Game Free Full Version For Pc Released on 2 March 2019 worldwide as a demo version with only limited content. It released for Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Android Apk, Xbox version, Linux version and macOs version. Meanwhile, the full version of the game released for an early access on Steam on 23 July 2020. Moreover, unlike the other games the development team add the new content to this game by launching the maintenance schedule. The latest newly added content in the game was made on 05 March 2021 with the name of ’05 March 21 Maintenance”.

Rebirth Full Version Game For Pc Gameplay

It is mainly a survival, action, adventure and strategy game. The story of game revolves around circumstance of a village where the whole human being facing a new kind of danger. Terror of death is spreading everywhere because zombie attacks increased too much. Situation is going to be out of control and this is the time to raise your weapons against zombies and stand up for the welfare of human beings. Some  brave  and daring soldiers ready to face the danger. Game allowed to build a fighting squad of four players.

Players entered into battle fields to collect life resources and to clear the city from zombies. Heavy and most powerful weapons included to increase the abilities of player and change the combat action. Section for customization of weapons also added where player can choose various type  of heavy  guns, weapon range and ammunition quantity. When the player hit a zombie or destroy their basses, a lot of Health resources transferred to players lifeline.

These resources used to survive other members from enemies attacks, upgrade new weapons, change action style and unlock new maps. As four player can choose various types of jobs. One who know well how to shoot enemies more fast and quickly can perform as a shooter. He got the responsibility to survive other members from enemies attacks. Second player as a doctor can provide his treatment skills to cure the injured humans by providing them first aid.  Third member is a food provider as a cook fetch the resources as water, meal and polluting the enemy food with different kind of poisons. Forth player is an engineer who can built new defending posts for fire positions and placing many hurdles and obstacles on enemy roots.

Features Of Rebirth Free Full Pc Game
  • Five different kind of character customization allowed
  • A wave of enemies to face and test the playing abilities of the players.
  • Different character classes added, each with its own unique abilities and features.
  • Many in game weapons like axe, rifles, AK-47 and pistols as well as the hand grenades.
  • Online trade system introduced to trade with different game elements and exchange things.

Rebirth Full Pc Game Reviews

Generally the game received mostly negative reviews from the critics. Meanwhile Metacritic awarded the game with 35/100 points. On the other hand, GameSpot give the game 40/100 . Furthermore,  IGN awarded the game with 3/10 points.

Rebirth Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU                 Intel Core i3 series @ 2 GHz or Above
  • RAM                4 GB RAM
  • Free Disk      25 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GT-400 series @ 512 MB VRAM, ATI Radeon HD-4870 @ 512 MB

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