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Resident Evil 5 Pc Download

Resident Evil 5 Free Download: also known as Biohazard 5 in Japan region is a horror survival game. It is a role playing action and adventure shooting game. Resident Evil 5 Torrent. It is the seventh installment in the Resident Evil Games series. On the other hand, it is also the direct sequel of the earlier released game Resident Evil 4 Download For Pc released in the year 2005. The game features both single player as well as the multi player online and offline gameplay modes to play this game.

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Download Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 Free Download Release Date

In year 2005 Resident Evil 5 Game Download Free Pc announced right after the release of Resident Evil 4 Game. Resident Evil 5 Pc Game released on 5 March 2009 world wide. The game released as Resident Evil 5 Xbox One, Resident Evil 5 PlayStation 4, Resident Evil Xbox 360, Resident Evil PlayStation 3 and Resident Evil 5 Pc For Microsoft Windows versions.

Resident Evil 5 Game Download Free Gameplay

Resident Evil 5 Game Download Free Full Version For Pc is an action, adventure and shooting video game played from the third person perspective. The players have many game elements like use many new weapons, shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, grenades and also perform melee attacks. It involves boss battles and most of the events are quick time events.

Players also can upgrade the weapons by the use of money and the elements collected in the game. The gameplay did not allow the players to run and shoot at the same time. Some new features also included in Resident Evil 5 Highly Compressed Pc Game Download. These include new guns, grenades, ability to upgrade weapons, equipped of weapons at any time in the gameplay and the infected dangerous enemy. Every player have the choice to save upto nine items. Fewer Puzzles now also included in the game. Which allow the players to get more rewards and money.

Resident Evil 5 Pc Torrent Download Free Full Version Game also features a cooperative gameplay mode. In this the first player control the role of Redfield and second player control Alomar. When the game completes an option appears to make Alomar the primary character. Multiplayer gameplay mode is available online and on split screen with the use of same console. If a player has bad health only the partner player can rescue him. If the player failed to reach to the partner than the player will die. On the other hand the player also can trade some of the items online but not the weapons.

The old mode of minigame also added in Resident Evil V Free Download Full Version Pc Game. It drops the players in an unknown places without any of the weapons. The players have to search for safe places and find some weapons. During the exploration players find many rewards and elements. On the other hand a wave of enemy attacks the player and the players has to kill these enemies in the given time.

Other Features Added In Resident Evil V Game Download Free For Pc
  • New and advanced weapons with full customization support
  • Improved maps added which are bigger than the earlier games in the series.
  • New enemies and bossed added to improve the combat system of the game.
  • Added new rewards and collectibles to enhance the players performances

Resident Evil 5 Pc Game Reception

Resident Evil V Download Free Full Version Game For Pc generally received favorable reviews from the critics. According to Metacritic Resident Evil 5 Pc version get 86/100 points. Resident Evil 5 PS4 version get 84/100 and Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 version get 83/100 points on Metacritic. GameSpot awarded the game with 8.5/10 points.

Resident Evil V Free Download Full Version For Pc nominated for different game awards and won many of the awards. It won “Excellence Award” at Japan Games Awards 2009.

The PlayStation 3 version become the top selling game in Japan during two weeks after its release. It sold 31950 copies in the first two weeks. Till September 2018 Resident Evil 5 Pc Download Free Full Game Highly Compressed sold 7.4 million copies worldwide.

Resident Evil 5 Pc System Requirements

  • OS                     Windows 7
  • CPU                 Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz or Above, AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.4GHz or Above
  • RAM                4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     15 GB Free Hard Disk Space Needed
  • Graphics         NVIDIA GeForce 9800 Series or Better with 512MB VRAM, ATI Radeon 7770

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Resident Evil 5 Torrent

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