Resident Evil 6 Pc Game Full Reviews

Resident Evil 6 Full Pc Game Reviews

Resident Evil 6 Full Pc Game is a Fighting and action game which belongs to the third person shooter genre. In the region of Japan and near it the game also known as “Biohazard 6” which basically means a big danger to health. Actually, this game is the part of the famous horror game series of Resident Evil and its mainly the ninth entry in the series. The game offers and adventurous and horror gameplay experience for the players. You can play the game in either online or offline single player gameplay modes or in the multiplier cooperative gameplay mode. The game runs on the MT Framework which allow the graphics and other game mechanics to run fluently during the play.

Resident Evil 6 Pc Game Full

Resident Evil 6 Pc Game Development & Release Date

On 2nd of October 2012 the game first released world wide for all gaming console version by Capcom. Meanwhile, the game released as Resident Evil 6 For Pc Microsoft Windows version, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Later the development team also published the game’s Nintendo Switch console version. Moreover, the development team update the game content by launching further updates which includes free game content as well as the paid content and also fixed the bugs and errors through these updates.

The first update for Reside Evil VI Game released on 22 March 2013 with the name of “Onslaught Game Mode”. It added a new game mode with new content and maps. Moreover developers also added some new enemy  characters and expand the game map with new locations too. The next update for the game released on 12 April 2013 with the title of “Survivors Mode” and “Predator Modes”. So as the name suggest Capcom added two new game modes to expand and improve the gameplay of the main game. It also added the new features abilities and characters along with the all old elements also updated.

Resident Evil 6 Pc Game Full Gameplay

Resident Evil Vi Full Pc Game is mainly played based on four fighter characters who play the game in a group. Each of the simulation character have some unique abilities and characteristics. Such as each of them have a special team partner who assist the main character during the game levels. While other teammates of the player have access to operate and control over their partners during the missions. Each location on the maps represents a different type of environment.

And each environment features a different type of game style and unique enemies to fight with. When you are playing in the single player game mode you can play in Player Vs Environment which features a separate type of gameplay and missions to complete when you play the game. The game newly added feature now allow you to join your friend who already playing the game on any locations by send him the play request.

The player health meter indicate in the HUD which play a vital role in the game. As if it exhausted the player may die and if it refills you can gain powers to fight and finish your enemies at any time. Meanwhile, when you hit by the enemy the health meter goes down once again. So, you need power kits and health tabs which found on several locations on the game. You just have to take them and take a cover behind any object for a few seconds and your health meter will gradually refill again. There are several type of enemies in different maps locations and environments. Therefore, you need to apply different type of tactics and fighting abilities against each of the enemy you are fighting.

The zombies are the dangerous enemies during the mission which can easily infect you and kill you. The strongest and dangerous zombies are J’avo. These Javo remain in contact with each other zombies while they attack you and they also communicate with each other and plan a powerful attack on you. On the other hand, J’avo zombies also know how to use weapons during their fights and the fact make it more difficult for the players to beat them easily.

The developers introduced a new online multiplayer coop game mode. Which now help the players to make upto 4 players squad in a single campaign. On the other hand Mercenaries Mode and Agent Hunt Mode are the newly introduced gaming modes. Which make the players to now engage in fights of high level with hard difficulty now. After the players finish the enemies and kill them allow them to collect their loot and dropped materials. Similarly, the player also awarded with game win and win a lot of in game rewards and winning money too. The in game money used to buy new objects and also buy new weapons.

Resident Evil 6 Full Pc Game Reviews

At the release of the Resident Evil 6 For Pc generally received average reviews from the critics. Firstly, the most reliable and biggest review aggregator site Metacritics awarded the game with a score of 65/100 review points. On the other hand, IGN is the second best critics review site. Which awarded the game with a score of only 7/10 critic review score.

Resident Evil 6 Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU             Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 3.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM            2 GB RAM Or Above
  • Free Disk    20 GB Free Hard Disk Space Or Above
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GT-880 @ 2 GB VRAM or Above


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