Rise Of The Pirates Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Rise Of The Pirates Pc Free Game is an ocean travelling, treasure gathering action, shooting and tactical simulation PC game.  Meanwhile, Ravanok Games Entertainments developed and published it worldwide for all gaming platforms. You take control of the main role of pirate and explore the deep seas to take a hold over the hidden treasures. The game allow the players to play in both single player PVP or PVE modes. On the other hand, players also can engage in the PVP or PVE online or locally gamplay modes.

Rise Of The Pirates Free Pc Game Development & Release Date

It released on 17 January 2019 worldwide on Steam for an early access demo version. Meanwile, it released as Rise Of The Pirates for Pc Microsoft Windows version only for limited time demo. Furthermore, the developers also planned to publish the game for Android Apk, Linux version, macOS version and Xbox version. On the other hand, additional content to the game released in later updates and developers also fixed several bugs and issues in these.

Rise Of The Pirates Game Free Full Gameplay

It is an adventure, action, strategy, survival and shooting game. A full of action game carries the player into an virtual world of waters and seas which filled with different other pirates as wall as many useful resources. Each of the player has the choice to create their own character and fully customize their appearance and looks or hair styles. Mainly there are two character classes available to play the game and player has to choose them at the beginning. The added classes contains the Freedom Pirates who loots the ships and rule the waters. On the other hand, the second character class is Abiding Marine force to maintain the law n order into the deep seas.

Each character features different features and targets to achieve. Meanwhile, as the soldier for his country players have to protect the sources, and security and fight against the enemies. On the other hand, as a pirate the player fight against different enemies including the forces. Each also have different type of fighting weapons, ships and also deploy the unique tactical war strategies.

During the gameplay players may explore the gameplay world and find treasures, life resources and useful elements to craft their own weapons to use against the enemies. As the player complete a level and defeat the enemy it award the players the control of the country and many ingame rewards and money. Furthermore, the players also won the experience points for their characters. Which enhance the ability of their playing character which become helpful in several missions. After completing a mission by finding the hidden treasure the players thrown to the next mission with new settings and treasures.

Rise Of The Pirates Added Key Features
  • Create your own character with different and unique abilities
  • Join separate unique character classes and become either a pirate or soldier
  • Full characters customization support available
  • Went on an adventures journey of the sea and explore the environments
  • Collect many resources, gather elements, and treasures
  • Fight several kind of enemies to got the power and control
  • Build your squad and strengthen it to gain more and more power over the seas

Rise Of The Pirates Free Pc Game Reviews

Rise Of The Pirates Highly Compressed Pc Game generally received positive reviews from the critics at the release. However, on Steam in its early access launch the game got 9/10 points from the critics. On the other hand, Ravanok awarded the game with 4.5/5 rating points. However IGN gave it only 7.5/10 points. Moreover, the game did not get enough commercial success. It only sold 100000 copies for all platforms in the first month of the release.

Rise Of The Pirates For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                    Windows 7, Windows 8
  • CPU                 Intel Dual Core Processor @ 2.8 GHz, AMD Athlon Equivalent
  • RAM                2 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk      10 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics         DirectX 9.0 supported video card required

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