Road Redemption Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Road Redemption Pc Free Full Game is a vehicle racing simulation, action and adventure pc game. EQ games in the combination of Pixel Dash Studios developed this game. However, it features the racing journey of heavy motor bikers and combat activities to gain access the victory point. So you have to drive your vehicles to win a race as well as survive from enemy attacks and attack others to get more points. Moreover, the game features both single player and multiplayer pc games cooperative gameplay modes for couples and friends to play the game online or offline locally on your computers.

Road Redemption Full Pc Game

Road Redemption Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

The game first released on 4 October 2017 worldwide.  Meanwhile it released for Pc Microsoft Windows, and for Android. On the other hand a Linux version, Xbox version and macOS version also released. After the successful released of the main game the developers also released the paid DLC updated game packs for this game. The first major update released world wide on 11 September 2017 with the title of “Name A Character” dlc pack. Similarly, the next addition named as “Concept Art & Videos Update” which released on 30 September 2017. Moreover, the third update released on 03 October 2017 with the name of “Early Prototype Update Pack”. The last and final update for the game released on 06 February 2020 with the title of “Revengers Assemble”.

Road Redemtion Game Free Full For Pc Gameplay

It is a simulation, racing, combat, strategy and adventure game. Above all the game features the struggles of heavy motorbike racers to access the victory point. However, beautiful and stylish heavy bikes added in the garage of game. Most importantly, other heavy and light vehicles also included. So, Heavy traffic brings more entertainment and adventure to the game. On the other hand, a large quantity of weapons used to beat up and loose down the racing speed of opposites.

Firstly a strike left bad impact on the racer health bar. And secondly, it became the cause of blood shedding from racer body. Meanwhile if a racer looses his balance and ran into the monster trucks or cars. Other racers show anger on the passing traffic like traffic police cars or citizen cars. Racing journey held in different environments to increase the excitement. During the game players performed in deserts, cities, valleys and over mighty buildings.

On the other hand racing squads allowed to build companionship. The game screen splits in four different screens. Most importantly online hiring of racing characters allowed. In the way and on victory point, bulk of loots placed. Brutal tactics can also applied to stop the opposite racers and access these loots. However, customization of characters and motorbikes available in the garage. Therefore, stylish outfits, shoes and helmets available to change the character appearance. Upgrades of fuel quantity, engine power and size of tires available. So, the players struggle hard to reach the victory point to gain a bulk of loots. These, loots spent to hire new character, character customization, access new maps and weapons.

Added Features In Free Full Pc Game
  • Powerful advanced and more powerful vehicles
  • Improved modern graphics as well as the updated gameplay mechanics.
  • Along with old weapons of the series newly added firearms also available.
  • Online multiplayer gameplay mode included to join the races online with your friends.
  • Collect the rewards, loots and use them to customization of vehicles, characters and weapons.

Road Redemption Pc Game Reviews

Generally the game received average reviews from the critics. Many critics praised the gameplay elements, the pace of the game and its graphics. But the game criticized because of its troubles and bugs. The developers make many efforts on different times to polish the game problems to make it perfect. The game price also criticized by many critics and it face many criticisms.

Road Redemption For Pc System Requirements

  • OS                   Windows Xp, Windows Vista
  • CPU               Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.8 GHz or Better
  • RAM              4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk     4 GB Free Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      Graphics Card @ 1.5 GB VRAM

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