Royal Merchant Pc Free Full Game Reviews

Royal Merchant Pc Free Full Game is s classical RPG fighting, action pc game. Badim Games develop and publish the game worldwide. Play through a new game mechanic through quests, barracks and castles. As the commander of your faction send your soldiers tactically to several locations which can help you in getting success in wars. It features both single player and multiplayer gameplay pc game modes for couples and its players in the coop mode.

Royal Merchant Full Pc Game

Royal Merchant Free Full Pc Game Development & Release Date

Badim Corporation publish the game worldwide on 12 September 2019 for different platforms. Meanwhile, the game released For Pc the Microsoft Windows version, For Android version, For PlayStation 360 and For Xbox One and Xbox 360. After releasing the demo version of the game the team also published the dlc packs with new content as well as fix for errors which the players are facing during the gameplay.

Pc Gameplay

Royal Merchant Game Free For Pc provides the classical RPG type of gameplay experience for the players. The players choose their favorite heroes and make a group or warriors who fights on several locations on the map against different enemies. These hero characters can be choose from the hero bar and a player can choose the characters from different available character classes. The characters includes These selections includes Heroes, Crafters and Castles. These characters includes Hollie Kim, Velia The Shadow Maker, Lava Feet and Bone Heim along with many others.

The hero characters are equipped with different in game old fashioned weapons. Firstly, the players make their Castles and establish rooms where he can order and teach his heroes the fighting techniques and skills. Further, the player send his troops to fight against different kind of enemies on several locations on the map. These heroes carry different kind of weapons like Pine Bow, Old Boots, Bronze Spear, Pine Shield, Brone Hammer and many other unique old kind of weapons. On the other hand, player also hire the crafters who craft unique and advanced items for the army who than use it against the enemies to defeat them.

Furthermore, players also can sold these crafted unique items to get more gold and in game money. Consequently, defeating each enemy heroes get and earn more money, gold and collects loot items. On the other hand, Crafters use these items to craft new items for trade and players also can save these crafted items to their inventory to use it later. Meanwhile, during the game players must make sure that their group of heroes do not die early in the game. However, It will lost the level as well as the elements and weapons that a hero character carry with him. After winning each level the players also earn experience points for their hero which also improve their ranks and abilities.

Key Features Added In Royal Merchant Free Full Version Pc Game
  • Select your favorite heroes from a large list of hero characters
  • Crafters selected to craft new items
  • Huge maps added to conquer and play
  • A large number of unique war weapons added
  • Earn gold, experience points, money to progress in the game
  • Different game modes added to represent a different variety of gameplay
  • Castles added and can be upgraded for many kind of activities

Royal Merchant Full Pc Game Reviews

However, after its early access release Royal Merchant Highly Compressed received generally average reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, on Steam it got 7.5/10 points from the critics.

Royal Merchant For Pc System Requirements

  • CPU              Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 2.6 GHz or Better
  • OS                  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • RAM               2 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk      5 GB Free Disk Space
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce 6200 @ 2 MB VRAM, or Open GL 2.1 or Better

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