Satisfactory Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Reviews

Satisfactory Full Pc Game Details & Reviews

Satisfactory Full Pc Game is a sci-fiction open world action and adventure alien planet game. Coffee Stains Games Studio developed and published the game as well as published it world wide. The player take control of the main simulation role of an engineer who dropped into the 3D alien world with a lot of life resources. The main purpose is to collect elements, build huge factories, buildings, machines and than safely exit the world. It features both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes for the players. And players can play the game either in PVP game mode or PVE game modes.

Satisfactory Pc Game Release Date Details

Coffee Stains Games Studio generally used Unreal Game Engine to provide a fast and fluent HD Graphics quality to the gaming lovers. They start the development of the game back in the year 2017. However, the first official teaser trailer on 21 January 2020. Lastly, the title has released world wide on 08 June 2020. It released as Satisfactory For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For Android, For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console versions.

Satisfactory Pc Game Full Gameplay Guide

It is a fighting, crafting, simulation, strategy, single-player, multiplayer, Co-Op, and building game. It brings the story of a human engineer. He reached an alien universe in the result of an emergency landing. And his inventory keeps enough crafting items. Meanwhile, story-line happens in four factory areas of The Rocky Desert, North Forest, Grassland, and Dune Desert. In addition, it brings an open vast world for the player which covers the total lengths around 30 kilometers.

Here, he applies crafting skills via great machinery to set high-level industrial work and produce needy life items. For example, fast and sharp chainsaw used to cut down vast jungles and attain free space for factory area. On the other hand, rock hammers by hand or special laser tech utilized to break mighty stones. There, no limit set for the players and they can bring favorite changes in their factories like multi-story building with full customization.

However, satisfying result received when an elevator prepared for easy and fast travelling between two portion of alien planet. So, players gains the facility to automate the whole system and convey essential crafting items via trains, trucks and railing system. Most importantly, jumping pads installed in moving trucks to give them a kick, have a fly and safely dropped on the ground with great expansion system. Moreover, the players needed to learn survival tactics and face cruel beasts and wild animals. Specific guns and modern slaughtering weapons enable the player to take down wild enemies. As the game’s progress increases, the player collects specific tools. These tools named Ores, used to upgrade his creative harvesting items production abilities. Co-op system introduced bringing more then single character to test building skills and share personal work with them.

All The Added Key Features In Satisfactory Game
  • The players hold the role of wise engineers who wear special costume and safety polished helmet
  • Antique crafting resources introduced to build production plants in modern shapes
  • Factory area built in four different areas including deserts, forests and grassy places
  • Vast open world provided for testing the crafting abilities of the player and this area keeps 30 KM wider length
  • Handy digging hammers and heavy machinery used to totally change the area appearance
  • Survival skills needed when wild animals pounce upon the player, special guns and sword provide enough help
  • Upgrading system brought for the crafting tools and each tool gets upgrade through games course
  • For transferring factory material from one place to another, great vehicle network works
  • Vehicles consist of speedy trains, trucks with efficient expansion system, and railing system
  • Jumping pads in trucks bring exiting driving experience while players can jump them in the air
  • Co-op mode allows many players to in the same scenery and complete their missions efficiently
Satisfactory Pc Game Reviews

Generally the Satisfactory Highly Compressed Full Version Pc Game received average reviews from the critics at the released. Meanwhile, it got 8/10 rating points on steam during the early access time. On the other hand, IGN awarded this title with 6.5/10 points. Similarly, the entry has achieved great commercial success for the developers. It sold 1.5 million copies world wide for all console version in just year 2020.

Satisfactory For Pc System Requirements Details
  • OS                Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64 Bit Version)
  • CPU              Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM             8 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk    14 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      NVIDIA GeForce GTX-770 @ 2 GB VRAM Or Equivalent

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