Sony PlayStation IV PS4 Slim Black 500GB Console Price In Pakistan India USA

Sony PlayStation IV PS4 Slim Black 500GB Console Price & Details

Sony PlayStation IV PS4 Slim Black 500GB console has bring a new revolution in the entertainment and gaming world. The best graphics and fluent speed make all your entertaining moments more fun with the features of intelligent personalization. Either engage in gameplays with your friends or players all around the world. Or dive deep into the social networks with the available integrated social features available in this product. The built in features even in a very low price now also allow you to use all of your digital entertainment apps as well as get unlimited PlayStation exclusive games 24/7.

Sony PlayStation IV PS4 Slim Black 500GB Console Price In Pakistan India USA

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It is one of the most advanced new technology of PlayStation 4 which released through Amazon on 13 April 2021. Sony corporation has manufactured it under the Model No. P-27452573-H. A very small size slim shape with black color has a very light weight of only 7.81 Pounds. Meanwhile the dimensions of the product is 20 x 20 x 20 inches only. To run the console for a longer period of time there’s a built in Lithium Ion battery which will not let anything interrupt your gaming experience.

The newest feature available now in it is the Dualshock Controller 4 which is the latest innovation in the gaming world. It has six axis sensors which make your gaming experience high like skies. Most importantly there’s a touch pad available now on the controller to play the games just by moving your figures and control the movements with the help of this touch pad.

All The Added Features In Sony PS4 Slim Black 500GB Console

  • Equipped with most powerful and high speed single chip processor with CPU of X86 64 AMD Jaguar @ 8 Cores. As well as the GPU of TFLOPS by AMD next gen Radeon based graphics engine at a lightening fast speed gameplay experience.
  • The added 8 GB GDDR5 RAM extend the operation speed of your PS4 more than mile seconds.
  • 500GB built in hard disk drive to let you save your recordings, music, movies or any other files you want.
  • DVD and CD room support also available to watch movies songs or play games through CD Rom in Blu Ray High Definition quality.
  • I/O and communication support make easy by adding the super speed usb of 3.0 versions.
  • The system is also equipped with HDMI Analog AV output digital output optical device.
  • The Suspend Mode feature now let you reduce the load time of your applications and it allow you to access any other features or apps your were using at a specific time. It helps you to shuffle between multiple apps with an ease and in quick time.
  • Use the Share Button now to share your gaming moments with your friends or to the world.

PS4 (PlayStation 4) Black 500GB Console Reviews

Most important thing to notice is that it is one of the most famous and best selling PS4 console in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, USA as well as all around the world on Amazon. It has received 100 reviews from the real world users and reviewers who have commented on this product after they use it. And it get a 5 star ratings from nearly 77% peoples who have commented on it. Meanwhile it get a total of 4.3 star ratings on Amazon from the users.

  •  Valyn Cieslik said on 19 July 2022

I have ordered it a few days back but i was surprised that it appear to me two days before it scheduled. I found it as it was described on the sellers page. So, I really enjoy my entertaining moments by using it.

  • Dan said on 11 July 2022

I have get my order on time and the product is as clean as a new ps4. However, the packing was simply a large box. And when i open it there was the console and the controller in a neat and clean condition. Firstly the controller motor make a bit loud noise when getting start but gets normal after a few seconds.

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Black Slim Console Price Details

  • Price In Pakistan: Rs. 70423 PKR
  • Price In India: 25933 INR
  • Price In USA: $ 324 USD

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