Super Robot Wars 30 Full Pc Game Reviews

Playing Robotic type of games is always a desire in gamers as well as it provide a lot of fun with a robotic powerful characters with heroic abilities. Super Robot Wars 30 Full Pc Game is such a game which provide an entertaining robotic fights strategy, tactical, mechanical and action gameplay experience. It offers a cinematic type of fictional settings with robotic machinery characters flying in the air. Japanese based BB Games Studio LTD developed the game. Meanwhile, Bandai Namco Entertainments published the game world wide. Most importantly, it features some best multiplayer game gameplay features in the cooperative gameplay mode. Similarly, you can also play the game in the single player mode in both online or offline modes

Super Robot Wars 30 Full Pc Game

Super Robot Wars 30 Pc Game Development & Release Details

BB Games Studio Co. LTD started the development of Super Robot Wars-30 in early 2020. However, it first announced at E3 in June 2020. Finally, the development team announced the pre order for the game on 28 October 2021. The final release date is 28 October 2021 world wide. It released for Microsoft Windows pc version, for Xbox X/S series, and PlayStation 4 console versions. Moreover, it also announced that the Super Robots Wars 30 Super Digital Edition and the Ultimate Edition game is also available for those who want to buy and pare order the game now.

Super Robot Wars 30 Pc Game Full Gameplay

When playing any type of robotic type of games we surely expect the hero with super powers and abilities. Similarly, Super Robot Wars 30 Pc Game now features an open world environment with your city at huge risk of enemy attacks. You as the commander build a strong team with human characters as well as the huge powerful robots from a vast variety of meca anime characters to support their companions in the gigantic fights. Ultraman the heroic robotic character is newly added into the series. Also there are famous character like Super Sentai, Space Sheriff, Gridman, Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans and so many more.

At the start you have limited resources and minimum robots to use during the game. But as you fight through your game levels and earn points by killing enemies. You can than upgrade all your game components including robots, or upgrade their abilities and weapons. During the war you can perform all the special abilities like jump very high in the air, fly in the air and travel through air by flying lie a plane. Similarly, you can with your team also attack your enemies from above the sky by the use of in game weapons. These weapons includes fire guns, laser guns, bazookas and many other type of weapons. All in all a good game with filmic settings and you feel real when playing the game in the fictional settings.

Super Robotic Wars 30 Full Pc Game Reviews

At the early access critics generally appreciate super robot wars 30 mostly for its game mechanics and fast paced fights. Most importantly, Metacritic awarded the game with a score of 85/100 review points. On the other hand, IGN gave the game a score of 7.8/10 review points.

Robot Wars 30 Full Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                 Only Windows 10 64 Bit Versions
  • CPU               Intel Core i5 Processor @ 3.0 GHz or Above
  • RAM              4 GB RAM or Above
  • Free Space   20 GB Free Hard Disk Space or Above
  • Graphics        NVIDIA GeForce GTX-320 @ 2 GB VRAM, AMD ATI Radeon HD-6670 @ 2 GB VRAM


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