The Spy Who Shrunk Me Free Full Pc Game Reviews

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Free Pc Game is a fighting, full of fun, strategy, adventure simulation stealth activities type of game. Meanwhile, Cat land Games Entertainments developed the game for all gamin platforms and also published it world wide. The game is mainly features the locations and covers the incident of the year 1988 time. It is a strategy game as well as full of fun as the players can shrink and shorted anything or even his enemies or himself. The game is mainly based on the character of Spy named Agent Audrey. And his special gun which has magical powers to make the size of every big thing to a tiny little things. On the other hand, game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes to play the game.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Pc Game Release Date

It released on 18 December 2018 worldwide by Cat Land Studio. Meanwhile, game released as The Spy Who Shrunk Me for Pc Microsoft Windows, Android Apk version. In addition, The game also released for Linux version, macOS version and Xbox version. Meanwhile, developers added new content of different mission, maps, and new characters in the game with later updated patches which released in different parts.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Game Pc Gameplay

It is fighting, strategy game which features stealth and survival game elements. Meanwhile, the player of game Leading a role as a master spy named Agent Audrey Smoothspy. Audrey Smoothspy serving his country in intelligence field. As enemies prepared attacking strategy against his beloved country, he took the responsibility to complete a most difficult mission to stole confidential documents from the enemies. And also has to perform the hardest mission of kidnap a wise researcher from enemy intelligence headquarter. He wandering in the headquarter loaded with powerful rays that shrunk and kill the opposite spy in seconds.

While doing his job he is not performing as a killing machine only uses many funny tricks to stop upcoming enemies. However, by using pocket size timer bombs that can be switched into the walls to create a huge damage to the enemies. On the other hand, he throws banana peels beneath walking spies, bound them in wash rooms and throwing in dust bins. In addition, many elements found during the course of the game. Player may collect them and use them later for the best advantage. On the other hand, some side mission also included. When the players complete these missions it awarded the player experience points and rewards.

Features Of The Spy Who Shrunk Me
  • Take control of the Intelligent Agent role as Agent Audrey
  • Funny action styles added to increase the excitement of player
  • Cool and beautiful but simply designed graphics to run the game smoothly
  • Easy to access and handle controller added to use for several type of activities during the missions
  • Magic gun to shrink and make the size small for everything as well as shrink your own size to make yourself very little
  • Move fast and quick action enabled to move quickly throughout the missions
  • Improved rewards system and inventory system to win additional rewards and keep them save.
  • Multiple dialogues added to use during your conversations
  • Beautiful music added to enhance the gameplay enjoyment for the players
  • Play through several locations of the world including many mission to complete in Moscow and Berlin locations.
  • Banana peels, air bag mines type of funny weapons to increase a lot of excitement during the missions.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Game Pc Reviews

The game generally received positive reviews from the critics. However, according to metacritic the game awarded with 8/10 points. Meanwhile on Steam the game get 8/10 points with positive reviews from the critics. Slow pace and low quantity of game elements are the main reason of some criticism of the critics about this game.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Pc System Requirements
  • OS                  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU                Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4-9665 @ 3.3 GHz
  • RAM               4 GB RAM
  • Free Disk        3 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Graphics          NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1050 @ 1 GB VRAM, AMD Radeon R9-270 @ 1 GB VRAM or Better

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