Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Pc Game Reviews

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Pc Free Full Game is a military action role playing fighting and shooting game. Red Jack Studios developed and published the game world wide. The game features a vast war field classical old times shooting gameplay against several terrorist organizations on widely spread maps. Moreover, the game support upto 50 players to engage in a single campaign on a map. Meanwhile, players can play the game in both single player with other players round the world or in multiplayer cooperative gameplay mode with friends.

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Free Development & Release Date

Generally Red Jack Entertainment Studio start the development of the game in the year 2017. First they planned to publish the game in the later half of the year 2018 but due to delays and bugs n fixes the release date pushed back. But finally the published it world wide on 20 December 2019 for all gaming consoles. The game is available as Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite For Pc Microsoft Windows version, For PS4, For Xbox One, For Nintendo Switch console versions. Later developers added new content like new characters, new maps, locations and enemies classes along with new game modes in updates.

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Game Free Pc Gameplay

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite is a shooting, survival, strategy, action and adventure game. It features multiplayer FPS gameplay where players have to complete their quests by roaming in Urban and terrain locations. War tactics present classic fight style that performed during the war times of 1990 and 2000. On the move, a biggest area of 10 miles turned into war zone where the firing squads going to petrol and finding the enemy bases. Four game modes included as Deathmatch, Coop, Search and Destroy, Secure where the players can enter to fight. Teamwork allowed to combine the fight strength and players can assume their favorite role from Gunner, Medic, Assault and sniper. The fighters are carrying long ranged weapons that bring the ability to shoot an enemy from a long distance. Weapon stock contains RPG, grenade launcher, sniper riffles with telescope adjustment, and M203 launcher, etc.

Moreover, the game contains two unique kind of gaming mode as Team Deathmatch and Team King of the Hill. Struggles made to capture the enemy bases when the players remain busy in closed fights. Meanwhile, the war field brings seven hard battle maps as Desert Valley CQB, Shipyard, Underground, Viper’s nest, Desert Valley Sunset, Desert Pharaoh and Stronghold. While players can set their mindset to design favorite battle maps where friends fro real world can join them. Fighters have the support of a real time map that shows the current nearby enemies.

Added Key Features Of Task Force Elite

  • Maps added with the title of Desert Valley CQB, Desrt Vally Sunset, desert Pharaoh, Shipyard, etc
  • Favorite map designing allowed and single player can invite online friends to take part in it
  • Four game modes added as Coop, Secure, Search and Destroy and Deathmatch
  • Playable characters sorted in four sorts as Gunner, Assault, Sniper and Medic
  • Special weapons are M203 launcher, RPG, snipe riffles, grenade launcher and so on
  • Fights take place in the urban and terrain type place
  • War field got the wider area of 10 miles

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Reviews

At the release during the early access time Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Highly Compressed Pc Game got very positive reviews from the critics. It got 9.5/10 rating points on Steam during the demo release time. On the other hand, in the early access on Steam it awarded with 10/10 full rating points by IGN. Critics mainly praised the game settings, pace of the game, its graphics and the game elements as well as realistic type of weapons used in the game.

Tip Of The Spear Task Force Elite Pc System Requirements
  • OS               Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 Bit Version)
  • CPU             Intel Core i5 Processor @ 3.0 GHz or Better
  • RAM            4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk   16 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics      NVIDIA GeForce GTX-8800 @ 2 GB VRAM

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