Wraithslayer Pc Download

Wraithslayer Free Download Full Version Pc Game Highly Compressed

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Wraithslayer Free Download Full Pc Game

Wraithslayer Free Download Full Version Pc Game is an adventure, action, shooting, dark themed horror, Indie and survival game. Devin Cole Sean Young published Wraithslayer Torrent for all gaming platforms. While Smash Games published it world wide in all regions. Game story revolves around a heroic survival character who dropped into the under ground un known world which is ruled by a giant monster Wraith. Players have to fight for his life and must kill the wrath to safely escape from the unknown world. The game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes to play the game.

Wraithslayer Pc Download
Download Wraithslayer Free Full Pc Game

Wraithslayer Pc Game Release Date

Wraithslayer Pc Game Free Download Full Version released on 20 February 2019 through Steam as an early access demo version. It first officially announced at E3 Press Conference in the year 2017. The game released for Pc Microsoft Windows version, Android Apk, macOS version, Linux version and Xbox version. After the initial release the developers added the essential content through updates and also fixed several bugs and issues. New monsters, new random locations and different collectibles also added with these later updates.

Wraithslayer Download Pc Gameplay

Wraithslayer Highly Compressed Game Download For Pc is an Indie, action, adventure,shooting and survival game. It based in a world where the player stuck in specific area where a monster and cruel villain named wraith trying to kill him. On the other hand, player trying to prevent himself from wraith’s sword attack and gaining life resources in circle shape falling from upward. These life resources contains more power ups for player will be the reason of loosing wraith lifeline and more chances to escape from cruel attacks. While using different styles of attacks as blocking the half way and producing a new kind of monsters wraith became more powerful and try to smash the player.

Meanwhile, Movement of the player became fast and flexible and the controller allow the player for long jumping and diving in depths to dodge the wraith attacks. Therefore, making the movements in continuous and random forms bring more benefits to protect the player life and gaining a lot of powers. Consequently, different kind of difficulty levels added along with three gaming modes to learn the basics of game, changing play style and for increasing the challenges and excitement in game. In addition, the Normal mode provides the ability of playing in easy way because wraith attacks gone at lowest level and bonuses collected more for accessing the next levels.

Another new Endless mode allow players to extend the gaming session.  So, Because there is no fear of loosing life as new life added when wraith  caught the player and killed him. On the other hand, True mode carrying more difficulties and complexity as many new and powerful enemies with various type of attacking skills added. Each of the monster enemy has a different type of attacking style. So you have to closely look at the attacks and than make a perfect strategy to kill him by attacking his weaknesses. After killing monster the player awarded with a lot of experience points and in game money named orbs. It also move the players automatically to the next game level with new unique environment and different settings.

New Features Added In Wraithslayer:
  • Three gaming modes featured. Normal. Endless and True mode added.
  • Each level with different option to select the difficulty levels
  • Improved abilities to jump, run, slide, dive or swim
  • Controller and graphics designed for fast and flexible movement to provide a realistic gameplay experience to the players.
  • Procedurally Generated AI, which adopt different moves to finish you.
  • Dark and Thrilling gameplay environment
  • Powerful giant bosses to keep you guessing all the time in the game
  • New collectibles and rewards system to collect more and more elements.

Wraithslayer Download Free Pc Game Reception

Generally Wraithslayer Pc Torrent Download. received average reviews from the critics. The game got 8/10 points on Steam. Meanwhile Metacritic game the game 75/100 points and IGN awarded the game with 7.5/10 points. Mainly critics praised the dark theme and the randomly generated maps and locations which did not feel similar to the players. On the other hand, the pace of the fights and powerful giant characters also appreciated by the critics which make fights challenging.

Wraithslayer Pc System Requirements
  • OS                       Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU                    Core i3 series or Above
  • RAM                   4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk            10 GB Free Hard Disk Required
  • Graphics

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Wraithslayer Torrent

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