Wraithslayer Full Pc Game Reviews

Wraithslayer Full Pc Game Reviews

Wraithslayer Full Pc Game is actually a survival and adventure game in which a player save itself from a huge black monster. The game starts when a player entered in the black world which is under control of the monster. The dark world has many dangers from which the player must protect himself. And survive until he destroys the dark monster. Moreover, the main purpose of the player is to escape out from the dark world after killing the wrath. And the whole game is for a player which is controlled by the third person as this is role playing game. Sean Young and Devin Cole develop this, on the other hand, Smash Games publish this game. Expect the single player gameplay mode the game also comprises multiplayer gameplay mode.

Wraithslayer Pc Game Development & Release Date

To get an awareness for the perfection of the game the demo for the game released on 20 Feb 2019. In 2017 a press conference held named E3. The developers announced this game in that conference. The game is available for almost all platforms. Including Microsoft windows version, Android, Linux versions, mac OS versions. The developers added necessary material to the game as well. Also fix the faults and other issues in the game to improve the gaming experience. A lot of new things are added to this entertaining horror game.

Wraithslayer Pc Game Full Gameplay

Wraithslayer Pc Game needs a sense of survival for playing. As it is adventure and Survival game so the player must save itself until the Black, horror, huge monster dies. In addition, to this monster, there are numerous other attacks including illuminating swords. As well as the attacks of monster in the form of vertical waves. The player need to save its life from all these attacks. But there is also a support to player in the form of luminous spheres. These shining circles drops from upper side of the display in the game. These are actually the life resources for the player. Helps in enhancing the surviving ability and bearing power. Also, affect the life of the giant dark monster as well as helps in protecting the player from killing attacks.

AS the level proceeds the wraith as a slayer becomes more and more dangerous and the player need to play more efficiently. Accordingly, the player accelerates itself and defend all the attacks. Furthermore, the game allows the player to improve its skills, he can go in the depth of the dark world and can defend the monster attack with its improved abilities. The random motion like gas molecules and high speed helps the player to get another life and powers. Additionally, there are numerous proceeding levels in this game. Each have its respective difficulties according the the level. The game includes three basic modes to understand the gaming features. Each mode comprises respective material and characteristics. When a player plays in the normal mode it can understand that how to play game efficiently.

Actually, this mode help in learning the game. The player have more life resources on the other hand having low monster attacks and low level difficulty. And this help in improving the gaming skills as well as the experience. Which leads the player to the next level having increased difficulty. For practicing and improving abilities for survival the game features an Endless Mode. In this mode, the player can play as long as it wants to. Because when a player start this mode according to its name there is no death of player permanently. It dies for a few moments if caught by monster afterward he gains a new life again and starts playing.

The third mode is true mode with extra difficulties and hardships. The enemies has different attacks and powerful abilities. So, the player must have abilities and skills to play this mode. When the player eradicates the monster it receives various rewards with a lot of points. And this unblocks the next playing level and the player can play this. In addition, the player can modify the gameplay environment making it more dark and scary.

Wraithslayer Full Pc Game Reviews

At the release the game Wraithslayer Pc Game Full received average reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, it got 8/10 points on Steam during the early access release. Meanwhile Metacritic gave this game 75/100 points and IGN awarded the game with 7.5/10 points. Mainly critics praised the dark theme and the automatically randomly generated maps and locations. Which did not feel similar to the player while playing all rounds and levels of the game. On the other hand, the pace of the fights and powerful giant characters also appreciated by the critics which make fights challenging and sometime even kills a player.

Wraithslayer For Pc System Requirements
  • OS             Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU          Core i3 series or Above
  • RAM         4 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk 10 GB Free Hard Disk Required

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