Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Black Console Price Specifications Features Details Reviews

Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Black Console Price In Pakistan

Generally the people all around Pakistan in the big cities like Islamabad Lahore Rawalpindi or Karachi normally buy used or refurnished Xbox 360 just because of its low price. But now today i am going to introduce Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Black console for you which price in Pakistan, India as well as in USA is lower than any other product in the market today. This product first launched through Amazon on 24 October 2011. Most importantly, there’s also a newer version of this product released on 27 September 2013 with the title of “Xbox 360 E 250 GB Holiday Value Bundle Console“. Microsoft Corporation are the developer of this device and it released under Model No. RKH-00041.

Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Black Console Price In Pakistan India Bangladesh Nigeria USA

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Most importantly its a very low weight console with the weight of only 8.3 ounces. So it make it very easy for you to take the device from one place to another with an ease. Its equipped with 1 Lithium lon which is a very long lasting battery and will not interrupt your gameplay because of power failures. A very slim and smart stylish design with only a dimension of 2.95 x 10.63 x 10.39 inches. Surely it will not take a big space and you can place it on any place in your house your want for a new level of gaming fun.

All The Available Features In Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Console

  • It is the old but most used Xbox 360 console use widely all over the world just because of its slim design and smart features.
  • Beautiful black designed black finish and attractive slim design add additional look to your rooms and improve the gaming experience with its highly efficient graphics quality.
  • Built in Cd and DVD room allow you to watch the movies, songs in full HD Blu Ray quality in high resolutions
  • Easy to connect your Xbox Live with built in Wi Fi support which improve your entertainment by connecting the world with your friends or other players around the world.
  • Beautifully designed controller now help you play your favorite games on your finger tips.
  • Store your gaming moments on the built in 250GB space or share live with the help of your social media profiles.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 250 Black Console Reviews

As one of the best selling Xbox 360 console. It mostly get the positive reviews from the users and critics on Amazon. It nearly received 1500 reviews from the users on Amazon and out of these a 67% of reviewers have awarded it with a 5 star best ratings. In total it has received 4.3 star ratings on Amazon out of 5 stars.

  • James Carney said on 15 May 2022

I want to get a fair price used or new Xbox 360 on amazon from a long time. Which become very hard for me to find for several days. One day i have a look at this product. And find it perfect as well as the price also very low which suit my budget perfectly. When i order it and the box arrived to me. I found it really as it was described on the seller page and every feature also works fine for me.

  • Linda said on 11 March 2022

The products working fine and perfectly for me. I have had no issues and using it for nearly four months now. So as one of the best and low budget low price product i highly recommend it for others.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB Black Console Price Details
  • Price In Pakistan: Rs. 32449 PKR
  • Price In India: 11975 INR
  • Price In USA: $ 149 USD

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