ZomDay Full Pc Game Reviews

ZomDay Full Pc Game Reviews 

Are you fond of playing the horror dark themed fighting and shooting games? If yes i guarantee you that ZomDay Full Pc Game is such an amazing action, strategy, adventure and shooting game which you have never experienced before. Rethless zombies with attacking from all sides in dozens of numbers and larger and harder to beat monsters appear as you progress to the end make it more harder for you to beat them. INTO Games Studio developed this pc game and also published it world wide for all gaming console versions. The game mainly focused on the Special Event Action Team activities after the zombie crisis broken out in the whole world when an experiment gone wrong. Moreover, now you can play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode. Or paly in multiplayer pc games mode with couples or with friends online.

ZomDay Full Pc Game Reviews

ZomDay Pc Game Development & Release Date

The initial game development begun in year 2016 by the Into Games Studio. Initially its planned to just develop the ps4 console version. Meanwhile, it released world wide on 18 August 2017 for a beta test version which only has a limited game content for its players. It is released as ZomDay for Pc Microsoft Windows, Android Mobiles, Xbox version, Linux version and macOS version later after the demo version received very positive comments through community pages.

After the successful release of the main the game developers added new game content with the zomday updated dlc packs. So, the first dlc pack released with the title of Triple Kill VR Bundle which released on 22 November 2017 to buy through Steam. Similarly, on 29 January 2020 the next game update with the title of “Chinese New Year Pack” released world wide with new updated game mechanics. Meanwhile along with these major updates the developers also also work day and night for the fixes of any bugs and error which reported in the community pages till 2021.

ZomDay Pc Game Full Gameplay

In this new zombies fighting and survival game feel the horror of really begin in such dangerous type of killing machines. Because in ZomDay Pc Game the zombies prepared a new kind of deadly and infected fatal weapon and it is near to be launched to you to infect you. Zombies going to be united and planning to detroy the world by spreading Powerful magnetic rays which created when an experiment gone wrong. Meanwhile, players entered in zombies battle field as a fighting squads in multiplayer pc game mode with couples. You lead your squad as the leader of zombie fighting squad as well as rescue the other peoples. Players carrying mostly new updated powerful weapons to fight these zombies and destroy monster, cruel and devil bosses of zombies to survive through the world safely.

While completing a mission, players perform all of their actions fast and more quickly to get access the resources falling from the air tied by parachutes. When player clear a huge wave of zombies. more power ups transferred to increased the abiliities of players. Power ups used in a beautiful and decorated store included where player can access more upgrades and wide ranged weapons. On the othe hand, Players may choose various styles of hand.. And also shotguns with a large quantity of ammunition boxes to change the combat style. However, you must be aware that choosing any type of weapon costs you to spend in game money.

Many challenging modes included to increase the fighting spirit of players like as Survival, hand to hand and sniper mode. In addition, Players also allowed to build fighting squad to achieve more goals and unlocking new levels. Team based joint operation provide more defense to players. On the other hand, game allow the players ability of helping each other so that they can handover ballistic guns. Player used radio signals to ask for help from other members when a player stuck in the difficult circumstance. After killing the zombies player go xp from killing and collect the xp which dropped down by the killed zombies. Players may use these XPs for many upgrades and weapon customization.

Main Key Features Added In ZomDay Full Pc Game
  • More advanced zombies species added which can communicate and plan their attacks before attacking the players.
  • Waves of enemy attacks form all around make it more challenging and engage in fast pace combats.
  • Many new game modes added like, Sniper Mode, Survival Mode, Hand to Hand combat mode etc
  • XP, Perk, and many new elements along with new and advanced powerful weapons also included.
  • Full characters customization, weapons and other elements allowed. On the other hand, players can freely explore the game world.
ZomDay Full Pc Game Critics Reviews

Generally Zomday Full Pc Game received very positive reviews from the critics. Metacritic awarded the game with 82/100 points for Pc version. On Steam the game got 9/10 points. Critics appreciate the gameplay and the game elements and pace of the game.

ZomDay Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS              Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU            Intel Core i7-2600K or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM           8 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk  6 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics    DirectX 11 supported Graphics Card, GeForce GTX 1060

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