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Battlefield 3 Pc Download Free Full Version Highly Compressed Game Torrent

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Battlefiled 3 Pc Download Free Full Highly Compressed Game

Battlefield 3 Pc Download: As the name indicates, this game is all about war fighting battlefield shooting survival and tactical game. The game is fully action, adventure game and main fighting depends upon guns. So, it is also a shooting game including different weapons. The whole game has a battle ground as an environment. EA Dice Entertainment develop this game while Electronics Art Published this game for all platforms in the whole world. The game is all about Military operation of US Marine Armed Force.

Battlefield 3 Pc Download
Download BF 3 Highly Compressed

And the main character of this game also belongs to the US Marine Force. They are Henry Black Burn and Maya Kov Sky. There is wast range for multiplayer feature in this game. One hundred (100) players can play the game together at the same time. Also, a single player can play this game alone. So, this is all about a battle characterized as an Army operation..

Battlefield 3 Free Download Full Pc Game Release Date

When the developers released the battlefield II, they initiate the development of this BF 3 Highly Compressed Pc Game after a little time. 29 September of year 2011 was the day when the developer released the beta version of the game. While the game was introduced in North America on October 25 of the same year. In the same year in Australia and Europe they release the game on two consecutive days i.e. On 27 and 28 October respectively. Japan came to know about this game on 02 November 2011. The game is also available for  Microsoft windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Versions.

In the start Battlefield 3 Full Pc Game Download Free was decided only for Computer. Afterward, the developers starts to design it for other platforms as well. Updates were also made for improving gaming experience for different versions as DLC’s. The DLC’s updates comprises numerous fresh materials. Such as different maps, different player characters, also newly added weapons.

Battlefield 3 Download Free Full For Pc Gameplay

Battlefield 3 Full Version Game For Pc This game is FPP and of fighting, shooting and action genre. Actually, the whole environment of the game is completely like a battle ground. Where two groups are fighting with each other. As same in a military, each person has its specific work. The game also includes such cooperation. To start the game player selects its role in game from the given list. These roles are Support, Assault, Engineers or Recon Military Divisions. The game assigns a mission to players which they complete with their respective roles during the mission. The developers update the game to modify the gameplay performance. Now, player gets into Prone position for crawling on the land. Also, have fighter jets and 64 players battle to play efficiently.

For Xbox and PlayStation versions, the developer shortens the  battle ground. The newly added improvements were not in the former versions therefore this game has an advanced gaming experience. Moreover, the player communicates with each other during the mission via Walkies Radios. A new player has also an access to join the game with his friend who is playing the game. US Marine assigns a specific role to each of the players. Roles in this game includes F/A-18F Super Hornet Weapon System Officer. While, M1A2 Abrams is as a tank operator or a Spetsnaz GRU operator.

Meanwhile, in Battlefield 3 Highly Compressed Pc Game the player runs in all the area and kills the enemy using his weapons having Zoomed in scopes. Moreover, a player also protect itself from the attack of enemy by hiding himself behind the heavy objects. Also, a prone feature by which player crawls on the land and save himself from the enemies’ eyes. There are Easter eggs which are on different places in the game. Player collects them due to which they improve their skills and their weapons. When players get victory they also have an access to collect the opponent’s items and weapons. When the operation completes, the game gives the player points by which you can get information about your gaming. This helps in better position recognition of the player on the word leader board.

The added locations in this game includes Paris, Slemani, Iraq, Tehran (The Iran’s Capital), New York etc. Also include Kuwait, Oman and Various places of Persian Gulf. Also, some additions evolved the game as a more entertaining and Enjoying. Some newly added features of the game are also useful. The player can explore all his game stats. As well can enter the game with his friend at any time. Assault rifles are available for continuous fire attack on the enemy. Machine guns are also accessible for the players.

Group of engineer are especially for destroying the vehicles. The Recons are for exploring the opponent. New game modes are also available in this game. These are TDM, Squad Rush, Conquest etc. Later during the updates several new gaming modes also added to improve the gameplay and make it more and more entertaining for the players. There are also new maps and advanced weapons available through these updates.

Battlefield 3 Full Pc Game Download Free Reception

The game mostly achieved very positive reviews from many critics. IGN awarded the game with 9/10 points. On the other hand, Metacritic awarded Pc version for Microsoft Windows with 89/100 rating points, PlayStation 3 85/100 and Xbox 360 84/100 points. Critics normally negatively commented on the game’s single player story mode but they said that the Multiplayer gameplay mode is the world class shooting experience provided which every game lover would love to become a shooter fan.

Meanwhile, Its pre orders sale reached over 3 million till its release. Within first week of its release the game shipped 10 million copies world wide. And it sold over Five Million units in its first week of release. EA Sports announced on 29 June 2012 that Game has sold 15 million copies world wide. Later after the release of the playstation console version the game sold over 200000 copies for both xbox and playstation console version in the first month of the release.

On the other hand the game also nominated for many game awards and it won many awards. The game won 2011 IGN award for Best Shooter Game and Best Multiplayer Game awards.

Battlefield 3 Game Download Pc System Requirements
  • OS                    Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • CPU                 Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz or Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz And Athlon X2 @ 2.7 GHz or above
  • RAM                2 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk        20 GB Free Hard Disk Space

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Battlefield 3 Pc Game Torrent

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