Moonglow Bay Free Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Reviews

Moonglow Bay Full Pc Game is a beautiful sea life themed game set on an island. It is a casual simulation role playing fish hunting and building game. The players take the responsibility to start his journey to catch fishes, build a food street, and also establish his own village into town and city with his family and friends. Bunny Hug Games Studio developed the game. Meanwhile, Coatsink entertainments published it world wide for all gaming console versions. Most importantly, now you have the option to play the game in single player gameplay mode. Or play in cooperative gameplay in multiplayer pc game for couples modes.

Moonglow Bay Free Full Pc Game

Moonglow Bay Highly Compressed Pc Game Development & Release Date

Bunny Hug Game Studio initially start the development of Moonglow Bay Torrent back in year 2021. However, they first officially announced the game on 01 April 2021 along with the first teaser trailer. And after the successfully completion of the development process it released world wide on 27 October 2021. It released for Microsoft Windows Pc version, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles only. Moreover the game also available in several world wide languages too.

Moonglow Bay Pc Game Free Version Full Gameplay

Mainly, Moonglow Bay Highly Compressed Pc Game represents the real sea life beauty with action adventure gameplay mechanics. The story begins when a fisher Robin with his family moved to the small village of Moon Glow Bay Town. He see the available resources of the town and start dreaming about establishing a food street with all sea food and make his town a big trade center. But one day Robin gone missing after he went to the sea for fishing in his boat.

You as Robin’s daughter take the main responsibility of finish the afraid of the sea creatures from the people of your town. As well as you have to sail your boat to the deep seas of the ocean and caught fish for food purposes and trade them. Each time the players caught a fish successfully it get more and more game points. Each fish represents a different ranked score. Some times during hunting fishes you also find treasures and other useful materials.

Slowly but gradually you work to make the food need of your people present in the town. Also you have to establish the trade center for business activities. When you bring fish to the trade center it sold there and earn extra money. You can spend it to several upgrades of characters, fishing tools, and ship upgradations. On the other hand, the earned money also helps you to expand the buildings for the living of your people.

Moonglow Bay Full Pc Game Reviews

Moonglow Bay Apk For Android mostly received average or favorable reviews form the game critics. The most important review aggregator site Metacritic awarded the game with a reviews score of 72/100 points. On the other hand, IGN gave this game a review score of 7/10 review points.

Moonglow Bay Pc Game System Requirements

OS: Only Windows 10 64 Bit Versions

CPU: Intel Core i5 or Above

RAM: 8 GB RAM Or Above

Free Disk: 10 GB Free Hard Disk Space Or Above

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-750 Ti @ 2 GB VRAM or Above