Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Full Pc Game Details

Can you imagine that there’s a game where millions of soldiers are fighting in old traditional war field fighting with shield and swords? Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Full Pc Game now allow the players to manage a huge number of soldiers and deploy them in the battlefield against other enemy kingdoms. It is a grand strategy, simulation war fighting action game. Moreover, its the second game in the series of UEBS first introduced back in year 2017 with first entry published with the name of “Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 1”. Similarly, Brilliant Games Studio developed and published the game world wide for all gaming platforms. Most importantly the game now only allow the players to play in the single player gameplay mode only in the early access version of UEBS II Game.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Full Pc Game

UEBS 2 Pc Game Development & Release Date

Brilliant Games Studio development team started the development of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game right after the successful release of the UEBS 1. They first announced the game officially through Steam on 6 January 2021 with release of first official teaser trailer showing 3 million soldier characters in a single war field. On 27 February 2021 the team add a funny gameplay element in the game and release the first trailer of that mode. Now in this mode nearly 2 million ducks attack the army and fight them like your true soldiers. Initially the development team focused on the traditional war fighting items like shields, hammer, swords etc. But on 04 March 2021 the team added the auto shotguns to use in the battlefield.

The initial release was planned to publish in the end of year 2021 but due to interest of the players and some technical issues the development team announced on 24 September 2021 that they have push back the game release. Moreover, on 30 March 2022 the team added several type of zombies characters who will also include and fight now in Warfield. On 14 April 2022 a new feature named “God Power” newly added to the game to kill the millions of soldiers within a few minutes only. Finally, on 12 May 2022 UEBS II Full Pc Game released world wide for an early access through Steam. It released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S Android, and Microsoft Windows versions.

Ultimate Battle Simulator II Game For Pc Full Gameplay Help

You may have played several war fighting simulation action and adventure grand strategy games. But UBES II Pc Game will bring a new type of challenge for each of you who thing they are expert in war field fighting. To start the game you have to choose a faction among the available factions of the game. Now you become the king of that faction and its your duty to make all the decision to fulfill all the needs and also lead your nations in the war field.

At the beginning you start building your army from a small number of solider only. But as you progress through the game. And take control of more and more area after fighting the small faction you strengthen your armies. Most importantly, you must keep the fact in mind that. As bigger armies you have as many life resources you have to manage for your armies. So, you have to build the residential buildings for your army to take a proper rest. On the other hand, make their need for food and entertainment is also important.

In the same vein, you must establish the training center to train the new soldiers to take part in the war fields. In the start the soldiers can take part in the war by obtaining the shields, hammer, axe or swords. But as you progress through the game and win the in game points and money. Than you can buy the other weapons like riffles by spending this in game money.

Each of the map location represent a different type of unique enemy factions. So you must analyze and plan your attack to get an upper hand on your enemies. On the other hand, when you have enough money you can buy elephants to use them in the battle field. Who can make huge damage to the opponent army. Similarly the game makes a lot of fun when any of the army deploy their army of ducks. It will kill several of opponent soldiers with their unique style of attacking abilities.

Lastly, the Power Of God mode activated it can finish all the opponent army in just few seconds. But for that you have to spend the ingame money and other resources too. When you take control of the opponent army’s trade center it award you the win in the game. You can now take everything they have to your trade center. As well as their army will also serve you now in your next campaigns.

UBES 2 Full Pc Game Reviews

At the initial release of the game in early access the critics generally appreciate every aspect of the game. On Metacritics the critics awarded this ubes game with a review rating score of 85/100 review points. Generally critics said its a great experience  to engage in a grand strategy simulation war. Where millions of soldiers are fighting each other and your are only one who can control them. On the other hand critics also appreciate the fluent graphics quality of the game with every hit make you feel realistic. And as if you are fighting in the real battle field.

Ultimate Battle Simulator 2 For Pc System Requirements
  • OS                Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (64 Bit Versions Only)
  • CPU             Intel Core i5 Processor @ 3.4 GHz or AMD Ryzen @ 3.6 GHz or Above
  • RAM            4 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Free Disk     28 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce Card @ 2 GB VRAM With DirectX 11.1 Supported or Above


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