Vampire Survivors Full Pc Game Release Date, Gameplay, System Requirements

Vampire Survivors Full Pc Game Details

Are you fond of playing the vampires rogue like shooting and action packed games? Vampire Survivors Full Pc Game is a perfect vampire shooting, action, adventure and survival game set in the horrible night dark themed atmosphere. Your main survival objects are to gather more and more gems and items which assist you in your fights. Similarly, you have to collect the ingame currency of gold to always keep updating your characters and abilities as well as its customization items.

Vampire Survivors Full Pc Game

Luka Glante Games Studio developed this action packed game for you as well as published through Steam for an early access world wide for only pc players. Mainly it looks like the inspiration of the past mobile game named “Magic Survival”. Meanwhile you can either play the game alone in the single player gameplay mode. Or play the game in the multiplayer gameplay mode for couples and friends to engage in a single campaign.

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Vampire Survivors Pc Game Development & Release Date

Luka Galante Games Studio initially started the development of this vampire fighting game in early 2020. Meanwhile, the development take nearly one year to develop the initial gameplay elements. Firstly, it officially reveled by the development team at E3 2021 Press Conference. Finally the game released world wide on 17 December 2021 for an early access.

The team also launched a community for the players and collect their reviews to improve the game mechanics. After analyzing the reviews from the players all around the world the team first release the minor update of the game on 25 December 2021. Mainly developers added these new game mechanics and updates in patch versions. So the next update for the game released on 02 January 2022 with the title of “Update 0.2.5”. It mainly contains the features of QOL which includes new faster treasures, and also display the stats. Moreover, new game levels, new powers ups which help to gain more gold and HP points. As well as new game maps, weapons, some achievements also newly added in the game through this update.

Furthermore, on 08 January 2022 the team released yet another update named 0.2.6B. It mainly introduced full screen display features as well as skip several un familiar animations from the game. Update 0.2.8 released world wide on 16 January 2022. It added new features like steam cloud save option, the volume slider to control in game volumes, new playable characters, weapon stat bar and some minor map updates. In short the final update of the game with the title of “What A Horrible Night To Have” update No. 0.2.13 released world wide on 20 February 2022. It introduced new characters to the game with the additional abilities and skills. Moreover, special weapons, new achievements and rewards a new reroll power up features also added through this major update of the game.

Vampire Survivors Game For Pc Full Gameplay Help

Generally Vampire Survivors Pc Game is a fixed time fighting game which lasts for 30 minutes only. And you as the only living person has to survive through the night vampires which can be thousands trying to kill you at once. It features the role playing gameplay features where the player controls the heroic character from 11 different survival heroic fighter characters which are available in the game. Mainly there are 30 more latest new weapons which unlocked only when you complete the required levels or in game money.

By progressing in the game the players increase their power with collecting the powerups. There are a total of 15 power ups till now which make the playing character more and more powerful. At the start these vampires are small in numbers. When you kill the vampires they drop the gems which saved in the players inventory. It always shown in the HUD with other players stats. When you reach to a specific number of gems you can convert them into Gold. Gold is the main currency of the game which allow the players to upgrade players abilities, its weapons, costumes, as well as all the other game mechanics.

At the start new players must use their earned in game money to get more power ups like ranged weapons and unique new abilities. Because it allow you to earn more gems in a quick time which later use to buy more Gold. In addition with the main items the players also get many achievements. These achieved only when they perform special moves and complete several tasks. There are mainly 50 achievements available in the game. Each works differently for the players during the game.

As you progress in the game the vampire increase in numbers slowly. And their style of attack gets more aggressive with the passage of time. The players do not have the choice to take a cover behind any objects. Because in this open world dark themed horror place you are the only one who are going to survive only by killing the vampires. Or the second choice is that you survive till this horrible night gets to and end and a new morning starts. Because these vampires died once the morning light drop on their bodies.

Vampire Survivors Full Game Reviews

Generally, the game is in development period and only released with a short gameplay content only. Yet it achieved very positive reviews from all the gaming review sites. Most importantly, Metacritics awarded this game with a score of 85/100 review rating points based on their critics reviews. Generally their critics praised the pace of the fights and the horrible atmosphere of the game. Similarly, the success of the game can by analyzed by the fact that it nearly played by 100000 players playing the game through Steam in just first week of its release.

Vampire Survivors Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                 Windows 10 (Only 64 Bit Version)
  • CPU              Intel Core i5 or Above
  • RAM             4 GB Minimum RAM Required
  • Hard Disk    10 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics       Any Video Card @ 2 GB VRAM or Above

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